Externally us (not a fan fiction)

Anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.... The stages of getting over a loved ones death.


1. prologue

Externally us

"I like the smell of cut grass..." "Me too!" "Amber you like everything!" The blue sky filled with free, white clouds that peacefully floated above Fio and I. I reach into my small green bag and pull out some bread crumbs and threw it to the birds. Three black and grey birds got there fast and the smaller white bird got nothing. "Oh Amber the white bird didn't get any because the others are too fast for him!" Fio cried shaking my arm in a longing voice. As quickly as I could, I threw some away from the smaller white bird for the others and some at the white bird.

"There you go little fella... Fio what are you doing?" I stated while Fio was getting up from the park bench I followed. "Amber, sometimes life isn't fair you know..." She drifted off standing still. "Fio what are you going on about? FIO!!" I said violently shaking her before she slipped out of my grip slightly transparent. That's when the sky turned red, the clouds started melting, the ground and the lamp beside me were slowly sinking to the world underneath. "Oh Amber, Fio's gone." A door opened up from a blaze. From that door a skeleton with rotting flesh still on its bones, furry buring red in his eyes walked out with a husky, screeching voice. "What do you mean that Fio is gone? She is right here..." I drifted off turning around to see her fade away. "What are you talking about, Fio is gone and you will never see her again!" He explained slightly growing taller and skinnier. "Who are you?" I cried because of the lost of a friend. "I am the one who destroys people's lives and dreams by taking who they love and leaving that horrible taste in your mouth. Only longing to be loved and not lonely to wish that she was there but isn't. I take from those who wouldn't expect it to happen. Bittersweat. Tick tock Amber... You will never find her..." He stated dryly. "I will find her then bring her back!" I screamed looking him into the eyes. "You won't find her because I've taken her to the most barren place on earth that no feet can ever take you..." With that sentence, it broke me. "I will find her!" "Tick tock Amber... tick tock..." It stated before walking back through the door. "If I can't find her here, I will follow it!!" So I enter through the door into a narrow room where at the end there was a closed door. I reached for the door before I felt rage burn inside of me. Just at that moment I was suddenly sucked through the door into a parallel universe. What could possibly go wrong?

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