Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


27. What the hell...

Megan's POV

So Logan got released around 2 pm.

Test and xrays came out good.

We're at his house, watchng movies and cuddling.

* Logan's phone goes off*

I checked to see who was calling.


That asshole. the one Logan met that some how flipped a switch and made him abusive.

"Babe?" Logan says softly. "Who's calling me?" He said with a smile.

"Tanner" I say with a hurt voice.

"Answer it and tell him no." He said making me confused but I still answered it.

"Logan says n-"

"Wow, he's back with you?" Tanner said in a disgusted voice.

"Yes. Now let me fuc-"

"Can I speak to Logan?" He said rudely

"I swear if you fucking cu-"

"PUT.LOGAN.ON.THE.PHONE" Tanner said rudely.

"no. He told me to answer it and tell you no so shut the fuck up bye." I said quickly hanging up the phone.

"Can wecuddle and watch the little mermaid now?" Logan said in a little kid voice while opening his arms.

*Summer lovin happe-*

I picked up my phone.


"I gotta take this." I say leaving the room.

"Hello?" I said softly.

" How're you?" He said sounding nervous and scared.

"I'm.. I'm great." I said 

"Oh I'll leave you and Logan be then."

"Okay?" I said confused. 

"I love you, bye." Jason said quickly and hung up.

did he just. what.

"Babe?" Logan shouts from the living room,

"Yeah" I say walking to him pretending that I was okay.

"I love you" Logan says but all I do is cuddle up to him closer.

fuck this. I have two guys, who ARE COUSINS that just told me that they love me. I thought I loved Logan but Jason. Jason is well Jason. Hes incredible. But theres Logan. My Logan. The logan I fell in love with is back. 

"Megan, are you okay? You aren't singing along" Logan said pulling my head up. 

"Yeah." I said a little quickly. "Just got a lot on my mind." Logan pulls me on his lap.

"Who was that on the phone?" Logan spoke kissing me.

"An ex." I said looking away.

"Oh" He said kissing me again this time more intense."I love you" 

I kiss him again so I don't have to say it back.

He bites my lip and drives me crazy.

He starts to kiss my neck and i slide his shirt off in between kisses.

I scratch his back and he pulls me closer and flips me so he's on top.

He puts his hands under my shirt and feels my sides up and down.

He kisses my jaw down to my collar bones.

"Do you want to stop?" He says softly in my ear.

Should I? Fuck it." No" I said kissing him full of passion to make it more intense 

He picks me up and carries me to the bedroom.

I softly leave kisses on his neck as he carries me.

He lightly places me on the bed.

I kiss him and he slides my shirt off.

I flip on top and kiss from his lips to his pant line.

I unbutton his pants then he pulls me up for a kiss.

"Continue." He says with a wink. 

I kiss around his boxer line and pull his pants down leaving him in just his boxers and I kiss up to his lips. 

He flips us so he's on top again. He pulls down my pants and hesitates.

"Are you sure?" He said caringly and softly.

"Yes" I said with a smile.

He slowly takes off his boxers and my bottoms.

He gives me a kiss and slowly and slightly puts 'him' inside.

He goes faster and deeper as we go on..

We make love for about and hour.

I roll over off of him.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I say giving him a peck on the cheek and I go shower.

I come back and we cuddle while watching Family Guy.

"Megan?" Logan says playing with my hair.

''Yes?'' i say looking up at him.

"I remember everything" He said softly.

"What?" I say jumping up.

"I remember everything" He says sitting up.

I get dressed and run out of the house

I hop in my car and run into my room.

I find Jason.

"What?" Jason says half asleep. "Megan, is that you?"


"Come here baby girl, why are you crying?" 

"I'm so stupid."

"Why babygirl?"

"How are you still like this?"

"Like what" Jason said holding me tighter than before.


"because Megan,you could never do wrong in my eyes." He says."Now why are you crying?"

"I.. I fell for Logan's stupid trick." I saisd crying harder.

"What do you mean?"

"He pretend that he lost his memory and he was acting like he used to but... we had sex and-"

"YOU GUYS HAD SEX?!" Jason Said a little angry.

"Yeah." I said pulling away and rolling onto the other side of my bed.

"No, no I I didnt mean it like that." He said grabbing my waist.

"No you did. And it wasn't right. I just I dont know what the fuck to do anymore" I say climbing out of my bed yelling.

"Megan, quiet down it's 1 am." Jasn said getting up to grab me.

"No. Okay? I'm a fuck up. I know. I broke your fucking heart. and just had sex with your cousin." I yelled pushing him away.

Suddenly my door flew open.

"What the fuck is going on?!!!"

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