Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


37. Sleep over.

Megan's POV

My dad bought me a new phone, i phone 5.

and so did MaKaila's

They bought us matching cases too!

We're FINALLY together again.

I missed her.

We're going to have a scream marathon.

First we're going to find beanies from Isaac's room to wear with our pjs.

WE walk into Isaac's room quietly.

"Hoe GTFO" MaKAila says laughing.

":This one looks hot on me." I say smiling.

"Damn, fuck yeah it does." A'dre says with a wink.

"Looks like A'dre has a thing for you" MaKaila said winking and laughing.

"What the hell bro" We hear A'dre and Isaac fight in the hallway.

"I kill people I like" MaKaila says handing me the hat. "Why would you kill someone you like?" 

"I don't know but I like it." I smile. " You'd look hot in this one sis" 

"I love it, and it looks bomb on me"

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING WITH MY PRECIOUS HATS!"Isaac said screaming and chasing us.

MaKaila runs to her room and locks the door. "MaKaila, open up! HES COMING!" I start running.

"My hattt give it bacck" He says as he chases after me. I stop at the top of the steps because I'm out of breath from running up them.The suddenly Isaac runs into me.

"Hey noww" I pout.

"What? Youre the one with my hat on" He says laughing.

"I look better in it any ways" I stick my tongue out.

"DO NOT!" He smiles."It doesn't go with your elegant green eyes and lovely blonde hair."

"It does too!"

"Did you know you are so beautiful?" He says suddenly softly.

"Did you know yo-" Then he crashed his lips into mine. Well more like laid a rose petal on my lips.

I wrap my arms around his neck and he smiles during the kiss.

"Ehh- Uhmm" We hear and Isaac jumps off me and blushes looking ashamed. I look down at the person emotionless, the face I do best , to see Damitri. shit.

"ISAAC JAI SMITH" He scowls at Isaac.then I see my father behind him upset.

"MEGAN JOLYNN." He shouts and runs up the steps. "That was very indecent, and you know it." He said while pointing his finger in my face. 

Usually when I got yelled at it didn't bother me but now.. now that it's my dad. I can say I feel ashamed, hurt.. extremely embarrassed, but still look at him with a blank face. I can't call him father he's my.. my dad.

"Isaac, I can't believe this. You were always the good on out of the two of you and now,now look at you." Damitri says getting in his face. "Youve disappointed me son!"

Isaac looked scared, and hurt, like he was about to cry.

" Megan, I can't believe this." My dad said extremely disappointed

"What? That for one moment, I actually am having fun? Sorry I find Isaac extremely attractive and a total sweetheart. And the kiss? THE KISS WAS IN THE BLIST OF THE MOMENT!" I shouted back at my dad.

 "Listen little girl. I don't know who you think you are to be shouting at your dad, own flesh and blood, like that. But that is not acceptable." Damitri said turning to me.

"How else do parents listen? " I scoff.

"Don't disrespect him, ever again." Damitri spoke sternly.

"What happened to my little girl..." My dad said hurt and lost.

" Want to know what happened to her? She was left at a door of a Foster CAre center with a paper that said, I Don't Have A Home. You're little girl hasn't been able to be a little girl since that day." I say starting to crying. " At five years old I was taught that family doesn't matter, you do what you gotta do. You think it was easy being in foster care? Not at all. You want to know how many Foster houses I was in? I don't even know. I never stayed longer than 4 months. My life has ben a mess since the day I was left on my own. 'your little girl' now drinks, parties and just trying to fix the pain and heart break the one guy who shouldve never broke her heart did, her dad." I'm crying now. " You can't ever repay for the hurt you caused.Imagine going to school with people who have their dads right there at every single event when you know what I had? A new 'parent'. one that I knew wasn't gonna keep me for long." I'm bawling my eyes out now. " Your little girl, is broken, destroyed. Now her life has been flipped upside down. Suddenly my 'family' wants me back in their life. but yet I kiss one boy and it's like I killed a person." I fall to my knees, shaking.

"It was for the be-"

"For the best? I'd rather be raped again then go through being unloved my whole life." I softly whimper. My dad tries to hug me. " No, I want Isaac." I demand.

"He's not going to go ne-" And suddenly Isaac pushes through Damitri. "ISAAC"

Isaac grabs me and hold me in his arms with my head on his chest. "She's hurting dad, I can't watch her be like this knowing I could help." He softly says. He holds me tighter and rubs my leg and back.

"What is going on here?" MaKaila says. "MEGAN!" 

"Her and Isaac were kissing on the top of the stairs laying down." Damitri and my dad said at the same time.

"Megan come here" MaKaila says sitting on the ground next to me.

"She's shaking so bad MaKaila." Isaac says worried.

"She's having a Panic Attack." MaKaila said nervous, she started rubbing my back.Isaac started playing with my hair and kissed the top of my head. 

"Shhh beautiful, It'll be alright." Isaac said in the softest, sweetest voice in the world. MaKaila backed up I could feel the ground vibrate. I couldn't stop but I'm slowly calming.

"Can you look at me?" Isaac said trying to lift my chin up as I fight it.

"Can you guys please go while we try to calm her?" MaKaila said the most respectful and nicest way she can.

"Sure princess." Damitri said.

"Beautiful." Isaac said caressing my cheek. " Calm"

He lifts my chin and He looks me dead in eyes. "Breathe" 

And I stop. I just stop.

"Can we have our marathon now?" I whisper to MaKaila getting up.

:"Of course." She said smiling.

"Can I join?" Isaac said.

"NOOOOO!" MaKaila screams and pulls me with her. 

"Your rooms downstairs" Isaac said laughing.

"Oh yeah, right... NOOOO!" She screas pulling me with her."ITS A GIRLS MOVIE NIGHT!"

"Movie Night?" Mitch popped up "Can I join?"

"ITS A GIRLS NIGHT NOT A UNISEX MOVIE NIGHT!" Me and MaKaila shout at the same time.

"Pleaseeeeeeeee" They say in unison 

"Nooooooo" MaKaila whimpers."SHES MINEEEEE"

I laugh and isten to the argue for about 10 mintues.

"Boys leave." I say.


"Because I'm a bitch and I say so." Ismile and close the door with a wink.

-watching the movie- 


"Hotter than me?" We randomly hear Isaac say from outside the door.

"YES NOW BYE" MaKaila screams.

"I so saw him being the murder" MaKaila nd I say in unison and laugh.

"Shaggy is hilarious" MaKaila said laughing.

"His name is Stu" I say laughing.

-Movie ends- 

Whatta movie!

"Billy was so much hotter after we found out he was the killer." I said dreamingly

"We need to get put into a insane asylum. " MaKaila said agreeing.

"Lets get to bed finish these tomorrow?" I say laughing.

"CAN WE JOIN TOMORROW?" We hear Isaac and Mitch from outside the door.

"NO!" We both yell and laugh.

"I love you." 

"I love you too sis." Makaila says



"YET" Isaac shouts after.

"GO AWAY AND GO TO SLEEP!"I shout while laughing.

"Isaac really likes you." MaKaila said laughing hard.

" I think I might like him back." I say softly and MaKAila looks at me like I'm crazy.

"THAT'S MY BROTHER!" She yells.

"He's gorgeous"

"Ohmylord. Good night!" 

"Night" I say laughing.

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