Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


42. I feel like a princess.

Megan's POV

We got to the house.

We both grab our bags and stand in front of the house dreading this moment.

"Here goes nothing" MaKaila mutters under her breathe then suddenly the doo opens.

"MaKAila!" GiGi and Maria shout and GiGi hugs her.

"You must be Megan?" A Man,clearly gay,said with an irish accent.

"Yes sir." I say bowing.

"Ma'am This is Carlos"My maid whom I found to know is names Fran.

"Call me CoCo, Sugar." Carlos sayd kissing my hand.

GiGi goes and kisses CoCo's cheek as shown above^

"Coco is mine biotch" GiGi says smiling.

"Well we need to get these girl a rockin" Fran says.

"You follow me, MAKaila" Maria said taking her by the hand as GiGi followed.

"WE will be getting you ready in your closet" She said like everyone gets dressed in their closet.


"Your walk in closet" She says opening a door revealing this;

"What is this?" I say stunned.

"Youre room hun"

"Dont call me hun please" I say twirling in my room.

"Okay Ma'am, but please follow." She says opening another door. ;

"Oh my love of jesus " I say wide eyed.

"Guuuuuuuurl you got one hour to get ready so scoot that tush along." Coco says pinching my butt.

"Lets go back here" Fran says pulling me in the back.

"Turn around" She tells Me so that I'm not facing the mirror.

She helps me with my dress and It slides on so simply.

"Spin" I spin around." You're so beautiful." She starts to cry. " I remember dressing you when you were little."

She slides my shoes on and hands me my mask.

"I look amazing." I say with a a smile that quickly drops to a frown. 

"Whats the matter?" Fran saysconfused.

"Oh it's nothing important." I speak softly but emotionless.

"It's a boyyy"  CoCo says poking around the corner.

"Do you know everything?" I said laughing.

"I know when people are crushin" HE said with a wink."Let me make you hotter than youve ever been"

I go up the stairs and we were up there forEVER, but he finally finish.

"You look like a blonde Michelle." Coco said crying.

"Everyone says I look like my dad" I say giggling.

"I bet your little rush will be all over you" He said curling my hair."Who's the boy?"

"Isaac Smith"

"SAYY WHATTT! GUUUUURL! YOU LIKE MR ISAAC!" He says loud enough to where GiGi Heard it.

"OOO, YESSS! YOU TWO NEED TO GET YO BEAUTIFUL BUTTS TOGETHER." GiGi ex;aimed from where ever they were.

"I wish, We got in a fight because I really like him but there these other two who I flirt with but I'm single-"


"We gotta go go go!" Fran says rushing us out

I go downstairs To see MaKAila in this.

"To my family's houseee." MaKAila said running.

"Lift your dress up!" Me and CoCo scream at the same time. I think I'm going to like him.

-we drive in a limo ( I KNOW ) when we get there we are rushed inthe back and upstairs to wait until we are introduce.

"You guys all know what this is mainly for" My dad says.

"My Sons 18th birthday, Isaac Jai" Damitri says proudly.

"I have a lovely surprise" Damitri says getting everyones attention.

"As you may know Damitri and I have daughters" My dad said.

"They have not been with us" Damitri spoke loudly.

"But, They came back to us" They both said unison.

"And here they are"

"Starting with MaKaila" Then suddenly MaKaila was ushered down the stairs to the entrance (which is like a ball room)

I hear oos and ahhs and clapping. I'm getting nervous. MaKaila has been accepted so much into this and it seems like I just dont fit in.

"And this is My lovely daughter, Megan"

I get ushered down and as I walk Everyone doesnt make a single sound.

fuck. I done fucked up now.

MAKaila's talking to me but I can honestly say I can't focus. 

What CoCo said to me is stuck in my head.

I look around and I try to find Isaac.

"My lady" I hear a sweet voice behind me with a tap on my shoulder. 

I sway to turn in the direction of the voice to see no other than..


at least he isn't mad at me... hopefully.

"We need to talk since you were drunk last time I tried to." He says bashfully

"Okay" I say nervous and shaky. "MaKaila I'll be back in a bit. Isaac wants to talk."

"Okay,I'll be here." She says with a smile.

Isaac takes my hand and pulls me through the crown and out past the livingroom and to the back yard.

" What do you want to talk about?" I say sitting watching as my dress poofs up.

"You, us. What are we?" He said pulling a chair in front of me.

"Well you clearly made it a point that we aren't a couple." I say awkwardly.

"You were fooling with other guys" Isaac says with hurt in his eyes.

"I wasn't. I was flirting. Harmless flirting." I speak as if I was the one getting hurt. "Isaac"

"You can't just mess with me and do that" He said as if he realized he was a fool. And looked down.

"I Love You" I whispered in to his ear.

"GREAT YOURE DRUN-" He spoke while standing up.

"I'm not." I cut him off and my response made him freeze.

"How can you?" He says confused.

"When I was drunk, I didnt love you. Then while we were away I was talking to my friend Emily about you and everything and I realized that I love you. You're the best thing that has happened to me since MaKaila." I stand up and my dress moves with the snow brushes across the yard behind me.

"MMegan," He says and pauses. "Will you ehhm" He says chocking up. "Be my girlfriend?"

I stood there. is this really happening.

"Megan?" Isaac says nervous and scared.


"Will you-" He said repeating himself.

"I said yes." I smiled and looked down.

He grabs my hand,kisses it the inter-twines our fingers and we walk into the house.

"What the fuck?" I hear Mitch say as we walked in.

"Now youre toying with his heart AGAIN?" 

"No. We're actually in a relationship" Isaac said as he spun me.

 I heard yelling. Sounds like MaKaila is arguing with someone or some people. 

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