Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


33. First day here

MaKaila P.O.V.

I open my eyes to see that im in an extravagant room, and surrounded by silk sheets.

"oh my god this room is bomb." I look around and it's really pretty, it's like a princesses room

I also look down to see that im in different clothes


"Oh shit, don't tell me that Chris changed me!" I said with panic

"Oh, I wouldn't let that happen." A feminine voice said

I spin around to see a middle aged woman. she looks sweet

"Um hello? Who the hell are you?"

"I am your maid, I will take care of your needs."


Where did Chris drop me off at?

"Yes, Now you must get dressed for breakfast."

"Not to be rude but why do I have to change? and it's not like any of my clothes are here"

She smiles," Follow me."

I reluctantly follow her to a door by my bed, she swings the doors open

"This is your closet."

I stand there with my mouth gapped open. holy shit! okay they must of mistaken me for royalty. not that I'm mad about it.

"You mean that this is mine?" I said

"Yes this entire closet and everything in it is your to your disposal."

I walk in and admire the beautiful room, Megan would of liked this. I frown

"Is something wrong? is the room not to your liking?" The lady asks

"No! not at all, I love it... it's just I miss someone."

She touched my shoulder, "it's okay dear."

She turned away," I'll meet you outside the room.

Then she was gone. I looked around and found that non of these clothes are something I would wear. I don't really want to change either. She said to change though, but who am I changing for and who's house is this? I swear to god, if Chris sold me to some sex slave thing, imma kill him

I close the door to my room and see The maid lady waiting for me

"Oh dear, why didn't you change?"

"Well I'm just going to eat breakfast, why change?"

"Well I suppose it's okay, Well no matter. lets go." she said as she turned


"Yes?" She said while still walking

I follow," Who lives here? why did Chris bring me here?"

"I will just let him tell you."

Him? Oh shit, I've seen the movies I'm going to die. I gotta get out as soon as possible.

We turned a few corners and went down some stairs then I was in a big dinning room


"Okay, you can sit here and wait for the rest." She said as she ushered me to my seat. then she left me alone in the huge room.

great, now that im alone, I can leave. As a stand up to leave I realize.

"Where the hell is the exit..."

Well shit, guess I have to sit here, no point in getting lost in a place I've never been in

I sit there for a good 6 mins and I start to hear foot steps.

I oh it's him, the guy that's going to end my life.

I then see a tall man walk in then sit at the other end of the table

(He had a shirt on when I met him)

He seemed to be a big guy and very intimidating. We sit there staring at each other

"Um, hi super creepy dude, please don't kill me, I haven't beaten my legend of Zelda game yet."

I have to beat that game before I die, I will just come crawling up from hell if I don't

He starts laughing loudly

"You got your mother's sense of humor." He said as he smiled at me. That smile looks familiar, where have I seen it... Wait!

"You know my mother!?"

Well of course I do, I married her."

Oh shit! shit just got real

"Wait.. so what does that make you?"

His face softens," I'm your father."

"m-my father?"

My father? Now I know where that smile is from, I see it in the mirror everyday.

"I guess it's hard to deal with."

"Well yeah! I found out that my father hired my Ex boyfriend to kidnap me!" I said standing up now

I started pacing back and forth.

"Chris was your boyfriend? I didn't know that."

I glare to him," Of course you didn't! I have know right to know! I gave me up, leaving me at the front door step of a foster home!!" Im screaming at him now while crying.

"I spent my whole life thinking I was never wanted!"

Before I know it im engulfed in a hug, a big warm hug that I thought I would never experience. I happily except the hug.

"I've dreamed of this day since the day you were born."

"Then why?" I said

"I will explain everything tomorrow, when you can meet the rest of the family."

I look to him with big teary eyes.

"I have more family?"

He showed an identical smile to mine, " More than you could ever want."

"Lets go outside and talk, I'll tell you all about them."

I smile,"That would be great, but can I ask you a question?"


"Can I have food?"




Me and my dad, who I found out was named Demitri. Spent the whole day together. I learned a lot about him and my brothers and my mom. It was a good day, I just wish that Megan was hear to with me, I want to tell her all this.

"Cupcake? What's wrong?"

"I miss my sister, I mean friend. Well she is like a sister to me."

"Oh really who is she?"

I smile," Her name is Megan, We were in the foster home together. and we live together now"

"Megan, Well maybe you will see her soon."

I hope I do. He walks me to my room.

"Okay well get some sleep and You can meet the family in the morning." He said as he kissed my forehead

"Kay night... dad."

He lit up," you have know idea how happy that makes me." He hugged me tight than walked away.

I close the door and get in my bed. Today has been a good day. I close my eyes and let myself fall asleep.

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