Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


48. cheaters

Megan P.O.V.

MaKaila looked at me all serious, she was a little angry too.

"About what?"

"I want to kill Ethan!" she yelled

I sighed, he must of said or done something to piss her off

"Let me guess, he said he hated Legend of Zelda?"

"No, but if he did that's even worse!"

"Okay what did he do?"

"Um should I leave?" Isaac asked

"Dude your grounded, you can't leave." MaKaila stated

"Oh yeah, right, continue then."

"I looked back to MaKaila

"So, what did he do?"

She started tearing up

"He's cheating on me." She choked out

"What?!" Isaac yelled

I ran over to her and hugged her

"What do you mean? tell me everything"

I walk her over to Isaac's bed where she sit's between me and Isaac

"Well when you guys left the doctors everyone else left too, but Ethan. We talked for a bit then he wanted to get some food so I told him to go. he left his phone for me to play games on. when I was playing temple run he got a text from someone called sexy red. so I opened it and saw these pictures."

She pulled out her phone and showed us a photo of some red head

"What the fuck?!" I yelled

Why would he do this? he loves MaKaila, he told me many times.

"Wait, why are you here than?"

She froze, oh do not tell me

"MaKaila ann Smith! don't tell me you left the hospital without anyone knowing!"

"No no someone knows. remember A'dre knows" She said

"But what about the doctors, and your mom and dad?!?! I thought you got checked out!" I yelled

"Ah, no telling them sort of slipped my mind."

"slipped your mind? Jeez MaKaila, are you even fit to be back, last time I was there it hurt you to move to much let alone walk home!" I said

Really? she got fucking stabbed! she could have died and she's here?!?

She lifted her shirt and showed a bloody bandage cover where her stab wound is.

"Well would you look at that, it's bleeding and shit."

"MaKaila!!! you must of ripped your stiches!!!"

"Hmm guess so."

"You guess!?! you guess?!!"

"Man MaKaila, lets go back to the hospital." Isaac said worried

"NO! that means I have to see Ethan, please don't." She said getting sad again

I sigh," MaKaila, your still hurt, you need to go back."

"No I left to get away from him, If I was in the hospital he would never leave. and I needed to see you. so I snuck out of the hospital and took a cab here. I snuck in the house and ran into A'dre. he told me to go back to, but I told him the doctors said I could come home and I was going to surprise everyone, so he promised to keep me secret. I went into your room and you weren't there than I checked Isaac's and found you in his bed and I sort of forgot about my problem."

"How do you forget a stab wound?" Isaac asked

"I'd like to think im just Fucken bomb like that." MaKaila stated

"Guys! lets not forget that MaKaila's wound is bleeding, and MaKaila you have to go back, I will make sure Ethan never comes to visit unless you want him to."

She ponders

"Me to, and I'm sure if you tell A'dre and dad, Ethan won't breath if you don't want him to." Isaac says

"Okay, lets go."

We get up and walk out of the room. go down stairs and walk into the living room. to find A'dre and Mitch hanging out

"MAKAILA!?!" Mitch yells while shooting up out of his chair

"Oh hey sis." A'dre waves lazily while playing on his gameboy

since Mitch yelled so loud everybody came in the room.

"maKaila?!" what are you doing home?!" Renee said worried

"Hey mom, well you see a kind of-"

"Don't worry mom, the doc cleared her." A'dre said without looking away from his game

"MaKaila? is this true?"

"Well um.... no?"

"WHAT!?!" A'dre yelled

He looked straight at MaKaila

"You lied to me." he said with the most dramatic voice I have ever heard

"Look im sorry I lied but I needed to get away from- from..." She started crying. I hugged her

"shhhh, it's okay." I said while I comforted her

A'dre softed up and walked over to us

"What wrong little sis." he said while stroking MaKaila's head

"Ethan's Cheating on MaKaila." Isaac said fuming

A'dre tensed up, and he clenched his fists, I don't think I've ever seem anyone this angry, it's kinda scary.

"What is this im hearing?" I hear a booming voice

I look up to see MaKaila's dad, he was angry, very angry.

"MaKaila, you need to go back to the hospital, I will make sure that Ethan never sees you again."

"See MaKaila? problem solved now can we go back?" I say to her

I don't get an answer, weird, and she's kinda heavy, since when are hugs heavy.

"Um MaKaila?"

I pull away from the hug for only her to fall. I look at my shirt to see it soaked in blood

"MaKaila!?!?!" I yell

not again

"Shit!" A'dre yelled

Damitri picks up MaKaila and heads out the door with everyone following.

I hope she's okay.


MaKaila P.O.V.

Damn my side hurts, like worse than a sting, it's almost agonizing. I open my eyes to see everyone at my side, Megan, my mom, dad, Isaac, A'dre. and no Ethan. good.

"MaKaila!" Megan said happily

"Hey good looking." I croaked out

She laughed.

"Oh my dear daughter, don't scare us like that." My mom said

"Yes, you tore the stiches and made the wound bigger. and now you have to stay here longer." My dad said

"aw man."

Why did Ethan have to cheat? I blame him! if he didn't cheat I wouldn't have left and tore shit up.

"Sooo, is Ethan gone?" I said hopeful

"Yes that little fucker's never coming back." A'dre says with anger

"Good and I hope you told him to move out and that we are over."

"Already ahead of you." Megan said

"good, he has until I leave here to get his shit... when am I leaving here?"

"4 days, maybe a week." A'dre says

I groan

"nooooooooo, that's to long!"

"well don't leave next time." Megan stated

That's just great im stuck here! After many hours a scolding and loving they let and it was night time

"Well now what? im to uncomfortable to sleep."

the nurse walks in with a tv

"Here miss your friend, Megan was it? said you might be bored and to bring in a TV with every Disney movie known to man."

That the heavens for sending me a Megan

"Yes that's great, thank you."

She brings the TV and movies to me and I sit and have a movie night until a fall asleep.

'Makaila." a voice says

I flutter my eyes open to see a figure

"Who da fuck be disturbing my sleep?!"

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