When Beth was friends with Niall like bffs he changed and went for Lucy (new girl) and totally forgot about her. Then Louis steps in and takes her through this. He asked her out and she decided yes for once


1. The First





It was my favourite hello but hardest goodbye. As my mom left me in the hospital I was horrified. How could I live without a mom or dad? My dad comes down twice a year, every six months. He's off in Australia with his new girlfriend which he proposed to. My friend Vally just appears as she died. But I guess she won't be there to support me as she's leaving to Vancouver for her parents job. As she gets there she heard the *BEEP *BEEP on the heart beat calculator. She hugged me and cried "I'm so sorry Beth". As I was sobbing. As I left they asked for my info and moms info. For mine I simply answered the questions. "My names Bethany Agustis Morin. I am an only child. I'm 19 years old, my birthday is 06/05/96, and I do not have a parent or guardian." As she asks for my moms I reply with the answers. "Her name was Kayleigh Haley Morin, she has three other siblings, she is 39 years of age and her birth year is 01/01/76. As I left I bumped into a guy from my school. It was Louis. He came to check on someone but I don't know who. I'm guessing a family member. He is sort of cute tho. I'm embarrassed to tell anyone because I'm invisible and he is, well he's a celeb!


As I went to the hospital to make sure Beth was okay I saw her. She kind of gave me the WTF* look. I was going to talk to her but it seemed kind of awkward. But I went towards her. She walked out of the door before I could say anything. I wanted to know her so I asked the front desk person. "Do u have Beth's number that I could borrow?" I simple asked. She replied with a "yes we do, it's ************ " As I was adding it into my list I texted her.

Unknown number: Hey how are you doing Beth?

***********: um WHO THE FUDGE ARE YOU CREEP.

Unknown number: it's Louis from school.

As I say that I changed her name to:: Bethany

BETHANY: um okay... I'm horrible I have no one. LITERALLY. Everyone thinks I'm a creep, cuz I wear lots of dark things. LIFE IS HORRIBLE

I quickly got my stuff on and brought her muffins from Tim Hortons.

I knocked on the door hearing "WHO IS IT!! " I yelled "it's Louis. I stepped in and saw her crying, holding her moms baby blanket and hers. I asked "where's your dad?" But I think it was the wrong question to ask as I was waiting for a response. Beth came and hugged me. I whispered in her ear… I'm sorry Bethany… I wish I could make it better. I wish I could be by her every second of the day. But she will never like me.


I wish he could be by my side. I really need someone. I wish he would keep me safe and protect me every second if the day.

As I was watching greys anatomy he said " I better leave" but I moaned and said "you can't" why he replied. I wanted him to stay, to keep me from the horrible thoughts. DIVORCED AND DEAD. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT DAD.

I had cried myself to sleep once Louis left.

*(dream))) "I hate you Bethany you were a mistake" my dad yelped at me, hitting me with his bat. The terrible marks it had gave me. I cried never knowing what I did to him.* I woke up crying. I had to repeat to myself "it was just a dream Beth, just a dream" I called Louis knowing that he's be there quickly. He knocked on the door with me yelling " opened" he came in and hugged me. He said that he was going to stay the night to make sure I was ay okay. 👌.


Louis came in. He gave me a goodnight kiss on the forehead just like my dad did. I woke up and he made me breakfast. Pancakes and sausage. He had the syrup on the table and butter. I ate then got dressed and went to school. I was the freak at school getting hate letters and name calling. There was a party and the coolest guy asked me if I was going. I went in my best dress which was tight and black with some pink.

(At the party)

The creep that asked me (jake) was holding a beer bottle and was drunk. Louis wasn't there. I kept dancing and I had a few shots but not enough to make me drunk. He came up trying to pick me up with dancing. I yelped and said "screw off" he asked "why, I'm the coolest guy in school." Everyone staring at us when Niall (my best friend) came in and stood up "stop picking on her she doesn't feel comfortable, okay. She HATES your attitude and your looks. As you see she doesn't want to be another one who sleeps with you." He said quite loudly. I said thanks and he drove me home.......

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