When Beth was friends with Niall like bffs he changed and went for Lucy (new girl) and totally forgot about her. Then Louis steps in and takes her through this. He asked her out and she decided yes for once


2. Niall your my BFF


Niall had dropped me off leaving me alone. I grabbed some cereal, cornflakes and ate. Once I finished I headed to the washroom and jumped into the shower. I brushed my teeth, then hair and put my hair into a braid. I put my music on, turned my lamp on, shut off the light and fell asleep. I woke up and brushed my hair. I noticed a message on my phone from Louis saying


ME: lol drunkie 😋

Louis: sorry I was drunk.

Me: no kidding

Louis: so how about we hang out later. Your a really cool girl you know

As I read that I blushed. I liked him I little but I knew that Tomlinson would never like me. I'm a girl and he's on ONE DIRECTION. At least was I guess. He lied to Harry which made everyone mad and Larry broke up:( as all my lessons jumped by I say at the loser table (where I sit) and Niall came and sat here with me. He always was there for me. We talked about our next lesson and our project. Art. We were doing a city. It was Vancouver. With all the skyscrapers. I was very nervousness though. I walked off with Niall and caught Louis looking at me. He came up and Niall walked off. Him and Louis were still friends. Sort of but I made them have a conversation. I hated this whole not friend thing. Anyways Louis asked me if I was single knowing that I'd say no. Before he could ask me another question my friend jazz came up making Louis walk away. She screeched "OMG I CANT BELIEVE JAKE MADE A MOVE ON YOU!!" I covered my ears trying to reject the screeching of her high pitched voice. For the rest of the day knowing that Louis would ask me out. I walked home with Niall as usual and we had our daily conversation. When we got home he went to the kitchen to get the food and I set up greys anatomy. Were on the 5th episode on the 4th series. We started to munch on the food = pizza, chips, marshmallows, chocolate, and some twizzlers. I started to giggle and he asked "what's so funny" I looked down and was holding so much junk food. He found out what I was laughing at and joined me laughing. Once greys anatomy ended we went to the beach. We did this lots. I was glad that we were friends. Later we went home and there was a celebration for me with all the boys except Louis because it was my birthday. I asked "where's Louis" and they lied to me saying "we don't know his erm.... Num... Ber...." I half shouted "HE TOLD ME THE WHOLE THING THAT HAPPENED AND YOU GUYS ARE LYING SO IF YOU DONT TELL ME THE TRUTH THERE WILL BE ISSUES" they all looked at me and said in unison "we didn't want him here" I texted him to come and have cake with us but he rejected me.


I sort of like beth but if she finds out our friendship is over and I already knew that Louis likes her. It makes me so frustrated. I miss it when we all got along. The band. One direction. At school we get a few hate notes. But the rest of them love us.


When everyone went home I did my every night thing (shower, brush hair, get in pjs, brush teeth, crawl into bed, then read myself to sleep) but tonight I felt special so I texted Louis and we did 2 truths 1 lie to get to know each other better. After that I fell asleep. I woke up a little late and then running late to school. I read the text from Niall

MY BOO: where are you I've been walking by myself:(((

ME: I woke up late sry;(

I got into class late with all eyes on me. There was a new girl in my spot next to Niall. I felt heartbroken. He was acting to her like he did to me. AM I BEING REPLACED:( for the rest of the day he was with her. He ditched my house after school and went to a party with her and I wasn't invited and he promised me that he'd stay with me. I felt a tear drop while I looked at them walk to the party house. I texted him wanting to know what and where he was.

Me: hey where are you.??

MY BOO: um my mom made me stay home.

I decided to give up and yell..


I started to cry at him keep on lying. The next day at school he tried to talk to me. I had said for him to go with her since he likes her. I walked around the corner and I saw them kissing. I couldn't believe my eyes. As I bumped into Harry, he invited me to his place for some mcdonalds. I said sure wanting to more about him. I asked for a double cheeseburger. When I met up with him we walked to his house. I couldn't believe my eyes. He told me his girlfriend Trinity would be coming over. I hated her. She slept with most of the football team and uses smarts for good grades. Knowing that Harry was in love I couldn't make them split. It was true love. Also that Niall and Lucy were coming. My heart stopped. I knew that trinity would bully me that I didn't have a date for the triple date so I invited Louis to come. When the doorbell rang I knew it was him. He came and we dug into the McDonald's bag. I grabbed my double cheeseburger and the trinity that is always so perfect got Chinese. She's so overprotective about herself. Being to fat or her hair isn't blonde enough or brown enough. She doesn't get that some people can't do that because they don't have enough money. She bullies those people. I call trinity sweet tart when she thinks it's a compliment when it's not. I'm telling her that she's to into her sweetness and her looks can't prove everything. She is pretty but her insides are ugly.

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