People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


11. tell

^Fio's pov^

With butterfly's still lingering in my stomach, I went backstage to meet with the boys.

"Hey guys." I said barely above a whisper, whilst peaking my head in.

All the girls walked past me and hugged all the boys, while I stood here looking like a complete idiot.

"Fio what are you doing, get over here!" Calum shouted.

"Oh... Um okay." I know I sound like an idiot but seriously, I don't want to face my damn emotions right now.

I didn't want to seem too suspicious so I hugged all of them. Man I love the way Luke smells. I probably lingered a little longer than I should cause Luke started to speak

"You okay there?" He lightly chucked.

"Huh? Oh yeah... Just um missed you." I tried to save, but of course I made it worse because everybody looked at me like I was a psycho women wearing a pika costume, running down the street telling "the pika will rule, the pika will rule."

I know now I sound insane, but let's just say me and the boys were in a 'awkward' part of town. But that's the look they gave. I don't see how a hormonal girl lightly sniffing a boy is compared to a insane forty year old pika.

"Soo, Fio um... you can let go now." Luke said looking down at me. Gosh dangit, I still forgot to let go. All their faces still held the same look they did before, as I quickly removed the strong latch I had on Luke.

"Well we got to check in the hotel." Calum spoke, obviously trying to brake the awkwardness. Thank you Calum Thomas Hood. Thank you.


Once we got there me and Shae got a room together with a conjoined room with Paige and Skylar.

But after 2 hours we got bored, sooo we began to do our little 'band' thing. I don't know if you could call it that, but we just kinda mess around with our instruments and voices.

I play guitar, Paige plays bass, Skylar plays piano and main vocals, and Shae plays drums.

Of course we all sing but it's mostly Sky.

But right now just I have my guitar and Shae has her cajon. So we plays those whole Paige and Sky sang. Now we just had to figure out a song.

What better way to get into the 5sos mood like some good old amnesia.

(Skipping song, I'm sure most of you know it by heart anyways hehe)

^Luke's pov^

Me and Calum were walking down the hall, when I heard that noise. The noise of Fio's guitar. I knew it was her, just by the way she strummed it. And I could faintly hear her soft voice in the background.

As Cal and I came to the door, we stopped and listened. I soon pulled out my phone and hit *record*. I listens intently.

But I must of gotten lost somewhere along the way cause soon I heard no music, but instead just giggles.

I knocked on the door, while Calum pulled out his phone checking twitter.

Paige answered the door and started at us.

"Um... Can we come in?" I asked, feeling a little awkward by her eyes starring at me so... so... questionably.

"Yeah." She finally piped up.

I walked in with Calum close behind.

I sat down next to Fio and Paige. Fio looked a little hesitant that I sat here, but she just brushed it off. I did as well.

I really want to ask and tell Fio something. But I just want to do it alone, where it's peaceful, and quite.

Well I might as well ask now. I lent over to her ear

"Fio, let's go down by the canal." I said, but before she could answer I dragged her out and down the stairs. Waiting for an elevator would give her time to deny my request.

I say down on the soft grass and let go of Fio's hand. She looked at the canal, but not me. What is wrong with this girl today. First she did that whole awkward hug, the she looked like she felt awkward with me sitting next to her, and now she awkwardly won't look at me. She's being so... so awkward.

"Fio what's wrong?" I asked lightly tapping her leg.

She looked down at me and just shrugged. Then she sat down and shrugged once more. I playfully rolled my eyes, but I still am determined to know.

"Fio." I said, this time a little forcefully.

"Look Luke, today I'm just not ready to face my emotions." She said once again looking away.

"But, Fio. Before you shut me out completely, just listen to me, I have a question and I want to tell you something. So at least pick one of them." I sighed.

"Tell." She sighed, not really caring.

"Okay do you know how that one day up at the lake awhile ago. I told you that people change. Well now I don't think I was right. You haven't changed, your still the Fio you were when I left." I gushed.

"Luke, you weren't wrong, people do change. I've changed internally. I changed when you left, then I changed when you came back. But people always are changing. Changing their actions, looks, attitudes, everything. It's not as simple as a person changes once, people change a million times." She said, rather bluntly.

"Oh." Was all I could manage to say. Her words did go onto me. I acknowledged all of the words, but I just could think of something to reply with. So, I told her 'oh'.

We sat a little while longer, in agonizing silence. I don't know if she could think of what to say, but I sure know I couldn't.

"Luke it's 10, and I'm reallllly tired. So I'm gonna go to bed, okay?" She said kidding my cheek, and heading inside.

I watched as her body became consumed in the dark, as she walked back to the hotel.

I though a little while longer as I pulled out my phone, listening to the video of Fio's band over and over again. I decided that they were good. Real good. So the whole world should hear them.

I posted the video on twitter, and on youtube.

I know she'll be upset, considering her and the girls say they sound horrible, and their insecure, but oh well. They shouldn't feel that way.

Hey sooo I'm really, really sorry I haven't updated. I mean 3 weeks to update is SUPER long. But I've just had last week of school, and I went a week of just some pure summer vaca. Soo again really sorry. But I'm gonna try to update with the next couple of days soo yah. I love you all, byeeee. 📓

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