People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


12. could he?

Fio's pov^

I woke up to the sound of Shae snoring. I swear it could woke up the whole hotel.

I looked over at hw clock to see it read: 6:17 am. Ugh. Oh well, if I'm awake so should she. I know I'm evil.

I leapt to my feet and and grabbed my phone. I quickly unlocked it, 'close as strangers' that's my password. Seeing that's how I always felt when Luke was away. And for some reason I thought maybe he wrote it about me. But anyways, I flipped to my siren app.

Don't ask. Well okay, sometimes me and my friends turn on the siren app in the car, and act like we're cops, and yell at people that look like sluts, and fuckboys. But with the windows up. People who look like that, well let's say aren't always the 'nicest' if you know what I mean. And heck I don't want to be cused out and flicked off, every time me and my friends act ourselves.

I put my phones speakers up to Shae's ear and hit the 'chase' button. Which means it goes off.

Before I knew it Shae was throwing all the pillows she could find, at me.

"That's what you get!" She laughed.

"Worth it." I faked coughed while acting as if I was dying.

I hopped up and jump on the bed next to her.

"What are we doing today?" Shae asked me.

"Let me check my phone."

Luke's manager set up a thing that sends alerts to our phones of what the boys are doing. And if we want we can go with them. Well that's if we're even allowed to.

"It says the boys are doing a meet and greet." I said flopping back down on the bed.

"Oh, so do you want to go?" She asked me, not really paying attention to her own words.

"I don't care, I mean if the others want to I will." I said bluntly.


Me and the girls got dressed to go to the meet and greet. Which luckily is inside, considering the Miami heat.

Skylar in a black/gray nirvana T-shirt, and black leggings. Shae in a teal and white high low dress. Paige in a black and pick floral skater dress. And I'm in my angel blue top with my faded shorts. I would say my shorts are a considerable length. Well to be honest there a little short. But nothing like you can see my bum or anything.

I know that was a long discretion to say 'I'm wearing short shorts' but I'm complicated person. (If you haven't already figured that out)

I threw my hair up I'm a messy bun, and went out to the tour bus that was already waiting, with may I say a very impatient manager. But I mean I was the first one there, so there's no reason for him to get mad at me.

But after 5 minutes all the guys and girls came. And we were off for Miami recreational center.


We all got off the bus, that was parked in the back. We parked there 'cause the fans wouldn't be aloud back there.

Once we got inside the boys were taken back to a spare room in the back, and us girls were left out in the lobby(?) area. I don't really know, let's just say 'big room'.

It was about 10 minutes when they opened the doors and waves of girls flooded in.

But the weird thing is about half of the girls stopped before us while the rest walked past. I just looked at Sky with a questioning look.

One of the girls saw our confusion and walked up to me.

"Hey, you guys are the girls from Luke's video, right." She asked in her high pitched 12 year old voice.

"I'm sorry I think you've got the wrong people." I said trying to hide my blushing. Not that there was any reason to blush, I really don't know what she's talking about. I guess it's just the mentioning of Luke's name. Ugh, I'm being such a girl.

"Yah you are, he posted pictures of you all, with the video of you guys singing." She said pulling out her phone and showing me the pictures and video.

"Lucas." I mumbled angrily.

"Yah that's us." I said faking my happiness.

"Can I have your guys autograph, I want all the boys and you guys." She smiled.

"Sur-re." I said, now obviously blushing real bad.

After awhile and a bit of signing, the boys came out. But I just got to fed up so I wandered off, into other parts of the building.

*Luke's POV^

I signed a few hundred albums, about a hundred t-shirts, and of some miscellaneous items like boobs, books, and phones.

After about 2 hours it ended and I went to find Fio. I think I might ask her out on a date.

I mean, I think she might like me. And I obviously like her. So why not?

Fio's pov^ (right after she left, and before the meet and greet is over)

I went down the hall and then came across a room with the label 'authorized only'. Now, may I say I always follow signs, but I'm bored sooo. Why not?

I crept the door open, which to my surprise was unlocked! Some security.

Now I was in a room with a old sofa, a pop machine, a flat screen, and a recliner.

And in the left back corner there was a room to a what I'm guessing is a bathroom? I don't it's closer and got all I know there could be some security guard there, so noes probably not the time to explore it.

I walked over to the tv and turned it on. But then I realized that's there's no remote. And guess what! Out of all the types of TV's this is the kind that you need a remote.

Well I guess now I'm on the great remote hunt. I searched the couch cushion, the recliner crease, behind the pop machine.

When I heard a flush. Frick. Internal sigh. I'm screwed.

I ran over to the door and jiggled it. "Come on, come on, please, what did I do to deserve this." I mumbled. Then I heard a clearing of a throat, and then the pop of the door handle coming off of the door.

I turn around to see a boy, tall, and a little musclier. With black hair and red streaks, put up to a front quiff. Not as great as Luke's side quiff, but a close 2nd. And a ear piercing. And his skin a light tan.

He wore a black muscle tank top, and grey basket ball shorts. He looked pretty badass, but he couldn't be that bad. Could he? I mean I'm now locked in a room with him. He better not be some psychopath or something.

"Well looks like this what I get for not obeying signs." I awkwardly laugh.

"What are you doing here." He asked coming closer to me. His voice didn't scare me, he didn't sound upset. But just the fact that he was coming closer to me was frightening.

"Well I um, I was bored, and kinda mad, so I sorta ran off and went in here. And well I couldn't find the remote, then I searched all over, then you came in. And I guess you could figure out the rest." I spoke, acting my best to be confident but in a really fast pace.

"Oh, so I'm guessing your not a fan of 5 seconds of summer." He softly smiled.

"Well I'm really close with Luke, and I am fan. But I'm not obsessed or some weird crap." I smiled back.

"Oh." He said plopping down on the couch.

"Not to bother you, but I mean we're kinda... I dont know... Stuck in here. So if you could call someone ta maybe, just a thought, get us out of here." I said trying to act sassy. I don't what this boys intentions are, so I just think it would be a good idea to express my feeling of getting out of here. And not let him get the wrong idea of being his playtoy.

"I'll call my dad in a sec, but I want to finish watching this tv show. Soo you can stand there or you can come watch catfish with me." He laughed.

I walked over to the couch and sat down. Quite far away from the boy, still to be unnamed.

"So 1 does your dad own this place, and 2 what's your name."

"Yes. Logan. Yours?" He said not paying much attention.

"Cool, cool, and Fiona, but I hate that so call me Fio." I said trying to match his level of caring, but failing epically.

After the tv show and Logan called his dad, Logan said we had to wait a until the meet and greet was over for them to get maintenance. Seeing that they wouldn't be able to get through the large group.


After 2 hours I learned a lot about Logan. He loves dogs, as well as riding his motorcycle. He hates roller coasters, and the color yellow. His birthday is on January 25th. He has a tattoo on the inside of his wrist, of a eagle. It's to show his love for this country, and his want to be a free spirit. He has a passion for drawing, mostly people and a little bit if 'gory' drawing. But all his drawings have meaning. He loves music, just not pop. More like Luke and his band mates taste. Yet he doesn't quite like blink 182. And he has a scar on his stomach from when he fell of his bike and had to have surgery on his spleen.

And there's a bunch of others but that's all I feel like talking about. Even though I could go on and on about this boy. Now do I like him? Yes. As much as Luke? No. But let's face it, Luke will never like me, and he's like my brother I don't want to screw things up so, yes I Luke more but Logan is reality.

By now the meet and greet is over and maintenance is on their way.

When the door was fixed Logan stopped my before we left.

His face soon became inches away from mine, and tingles went through my body. I know, I know, girl feelings. But I'm just gonna have to deal with them.

I thought he was gonna kiss me, I really did. But then his face went towards my ear.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asked, almost to whisper.

What better time to be confident then now? Never.

I turned my face towards his cheek and pecked it.

"Maybe." I said attempting to tease him.

He brought his finger up to my chin and guided my face towards his. He had a smirk plastered on him face. One filled with confidence, and a feeling of soon to be victory.

He brought my lips to his, still with his finger. As our lips moved in sync he cupped my face in his large hands.

He pulled away, maybe a little soon.

"Is that a yes?" He asked.

"Yah." I happily sighed.

^Luke's pov^

I searched around for Fio, but I still couldn't find her. I went to the boys and asked them if they've seen her. Ashton just pointed to a place behind me. So of course I turned around.

Great. Fio is under a boys arm. A Fuckboy to me. That's what he looks like. She can't be with him. Even if I didn't like her, she couldn't be with him. Could he?

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