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10. Saviour~

She told me

Think of a place

And I thought about being in a forest where the trees up above are green

And the bark a dark brown

As the sin beams glowing through the leaves shown out

So relaxing so

... Mesmerizing

And then she asks

What's touching you?

What do you smell?

Feel the breeze blow over our skin as it speeds up the breath in yourself

And when they said think about what's touching you I thought of Him

His eyes, so grim 

Coming up behind me and stroking my arm as I was in a white and my hair was pure brown

As the thought goes on we stated dancing around 

I turn to look at him

And every time I saw myself looking at him I try to let the thought go

I bring myself to my happy place but my mind kept saying no

So I decide not to fight

And I realize that he is in the purest of light

He takes my hands and I can barely stand

Our bare feet on the nutritious land

Soon enough he starts switching from himself to the two Jacks of all trades

Repeatedly like a Casino's never ending slot machine

SHe tells me something baout letting go

And then the slot machine stops on one of the Jacks as we'e holding hands

And I find myself in the midst of this visual slowly pulling my hand away as the forest grows dark

And I'm surrounded by darker brown bark

He disappears and it goes back to the king

The forest gets lighter and then it switches drastically to the other Jack and a fog surrounds us as shivers go up my spline. 

I hesitate and the forest becomes darker almost impossible for me to see

"What does this mean?" I ask as I look into the jack's smile full of keen

I frown looking down

I hear a sound

my conscious now speaks of letting go of this clown

I pull my hand away form his grip and the earth pounds

I'm caught by the king's hands once again

She speaks of happiness and the King smiles as we are surrounded by memories of our past

His insecurity


His smile

Oh he's so silly

I open my eyes and think to myself 

My happy place is bright

His happiness is my light

And even though I might

I will never lose my sight

He guides the way

Out of my midst of gray

In my arms is where I wish he lay

For I will be his savior and he will be mine

Till the end of our days


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