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5. My Grace~

 ~My Grace~


These days I wonder

What it's like for the souls down under

Completely lost

With nowhere to go

Not knowing if they are friends

Or if they are foes

They struggle and thrive

Have nowhere to hide

Or have the ability to say they have a life

Then I look at mine

Compared to theirs everything is fine

So why do I cry?

Why do I feel like I wanna die?

Last thing that went wrong

Happened in three months' time

But everything is still in my mind

Yet you

You refresh my mind

You make me see that I have time


Time is all that I need


It's all that you need

All that we need

How funny how this is starting out

Just as a weed

Soon this weed will sprout

And blossom into the breeze

And then we will feed

To our hearts' contents

Off of that

Loving sense

But for now I shall build a fence

And so shall you

For then

We will figure it out together soon.

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