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4. I Promise ~

~ I Promise ~

I promise,

That if you stay with me

I will never leave.

I promise,

To make you smile everyday

With weird jokes and kisses,

And taking your presence in without missing a minute.

I promise,

To hold your hand when you need someone to talk to

And help you walk through

The storm we call "Life",

Holding your tight.

I promise,

To share food with you and give you massages

Take pictures of us and put them in collages.

I promise,

To listen to you tell me about your day


I promise,

To hold you in my arms when you feel like the world is crashing down,

And your face is in nothing but a frown.

I promise,

To help you see

A million reasons why

You should be with me.

And I promise,

That all of these promises that I make

Will never, ever turn out broken or fake.

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