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8. Dear Cherry Blossoms~

Dear Cherry Blossoms in my tree

Oh how beautiful this girl can be

But only her flaws are all she sees

She looks in the mirror and sighs in despair

She dreams of love but she fears she'll never get there

With her hair undone and her make up on the run

She leaves her image because she sees no stun


Dear cherry blossoms in my tree

Oh how amazing this boy can be

As cute as a button and the eyes we see

Shine in delight but hide a mystery

He looks at her in comfort with a sign of care

She looks down and she fixes her hair 

And she thinks...


"Dear cherry blossoms in my tree

Oh how amazing this love could be

Is it possible that he's looking at me?"

She blushes and continues the game

The game to the throne of her new found king


Dear cherry blossoms in my tree

Oh what beautiful affects he has on she

She smiles a little more

Her heart has been able to soar

And her tears no longer hit the floor

She shows a little more confidence

As he tells her to do so

Because impressing him is all she knows


Dear cherry blossoms in my tree

Come home to me

And you will see how much you mean

I'll treat you with kindness and I will be fair

Because I can't help but think what our love would be like

While you're not tere

Then you appear at the brightest of day

And I think to myself

We will get there some way

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