Just a bunch of poems really
If you like them
Give a like, favorite, and make sure to read my other books and like and favorite them too
Comment below what you think c:
Any suggestions or constructive criticism will be accepted :)


1. Author's Note

Hey Guys

So I've been writing poems these days...

Some are pretty deep into my personal emotions

So i hope you enjoy

If you don't understand one


I'm not really good at explaining too much

So yeah...

I hope you guys enjoy 

Yes I've been depressed lately

So depressed that one of the poems will make NO type of sense to you but is understanding for me xD

And its a really personal situation

If you understand it

That's great

But if you dont

Not much i can do xD

Some will be positive

i might add a few songs in this thing not so sure yet 

But yeah

So read, like, comment, follow 

read my other two books 

Whole new beginning for me :)

So yes, no more fan fiction 

And if you'd like me to read and CC on your stories

comment below

i would not mind at all to do that for you <3

Thanks for reading 

Love you all to the moon and back 

~ Caroline <3

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