Night Changes

Ava is enraged when her parents enlist the help of her worse enemy to look after the house while they are away, not trusting rebellious Ava to do it. What happens when the boy she remembers growing up with is no longer the same boy, but a man who is more experience than her. Will she let the attraction pull her into a world of desire or will she fight it till the end?


1. Chapter 1

"Ava," I hear my dad's voice coming from downstairs. Smiling I apply a good amount of lip-gloss before heading out my room. Today my parents leave on their vacation and I get the house all to myself. I get to do what I want for a whole month. Giggling I do my happy dance at the thought of it.

"Ava," My dad shouts  louder making my eyes roll with annoyance.

"I'm coming," I shout back as I head down the stairs.

"What is so important you had to scream?" I ask chewing my bubble gum.

"I have something to tell you, but before you freak out, I have already made up my mind so no matter what you say will change that." He tells me very serious.

"Spill it," I demand, but I wish I hadn't two seconds later.

"Harry will be staying here to help you around the house while we are gone."

"But I don't need anyone's help!" I yelled. "I'm eighteen years old and damn sure I can cope alone for one month!." I sounded like a spoiled brat but was beyond caring. Just hearing Harry's name made my blood boil. I hated him more that I hated Jenny cooper my high school rival.

My father, spread his hands and sighed. "How many times must I tell you, Ava? Harry is just going to help around the house while we're away. You probably won't even see him much."

Although he spoke in a calm, soothing manner, his words only made me angrier. I stamped my foot in exasperation. My parents might think this is doing me a favor, but I knew what it really meant. They didn't trust me to take care of things alone. They thought I needed a babysitter.

And to make matters worse who, had they asked for help? Harry freaking Styles. Goody-two-shoes Harry, the most annoying boy I have ever known, however my parents loved him. Why wouldn't they he'd never shown his true colors to them.

I had spent most of my childhood trying to escape this rude boy as he trailed after me taunting me with rude remarks. But as he was the son of my father's dearest best friend I been hard-pressed to avoid him. Thankfully he'd been away at school the last two years, so I did not have to see his annoying face for a while. But he'd come home last week and his Father had offered Harry to help around the house, to keep things ticking over while he and my mother enjoy a cruise over Europe. Did my father really think I was a complete idiot? How difficult was it to run a vacuum over the carpet? Or water the plants? When will he notice I'm fully grown? And don't need help.

"Look daddy I'm perfectly capable-"

"Ava!" he cut in, frowning. "It's been decided. Harry will be here in a minute I expect you to be nice to him. Are we clear?"

I recognized that tone and I knew I wasn't getting my way this time. I crossed my arms over my chest and threw myself on the couch. "Fine!"

My father seemed to want to say something else, but the doorbell rang and he marched into the hallway.

"Harry! Good to see you!"

"Hi, Mr. Smith. Ready for your vacation?"

"I was packed and ready hours ago, but I'm afraid my wife is still upstairs doing who knows what."

Laughter carried into the living room, I roll my eyes at how annoyed I am. So my parents thought I needed a babysitter did they? Harry thought he could waltz in here like a knight in shinning armor did he? Well, I will show them all! Oh, I will let Harry help me all right. I will have him running like a slave by the end of this month! He won't know what hit him. A wicked grin stole over my face at the thought. He'll pay for all the years of rude remarks and tears.

"Ava, come say hi to Harry," my father called.

Please with myself, I plastered on a sweet fake smile- one I knew would annoy Harry. Swinging my hips in a most alluring fashion way I entered the hallway, but I halted in sudden confusion.

Who was this man in front of me and what happen to the Harry I remember.

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