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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


11. "squealing like a one direction fan girl"

Riley's POV

Can you believe I have to say Ryder and I are going on a date? I'm the one going on the date and I can't believe it.

Mia and Zoe for sure will freak out at the idea of Ryder and me dating. I can see it now. Mia squealing like a one direction fan girl and Zoe trying to keep clam but deep is squealing like Mia or worst.

Although I would deny it if anyone asks, I'm kind of nervous for my date with Ryder. I know it's a fake date to get Mia and Jason together but I can't control the butterflies going wild in my stomach. I can't help it thought. He is gorgeous. With his golden hair always thrown messily in his face and crystal blue eyes that seem to pierce into my soul every time he looks at me. I can't help but melt into a sad little puddle by his feet. I would never admit that to the arrogant jerk thought. Don't want to make his head bigger than it already is or it might just explode.


"So guess what?" I said in a sing songy voice as I walked up to Mia, Zoe and Joe. They were all standing by Mia's lockers. Zoe was copying Mia's homework while Joe was copying Zoe's homework over her shoulder. Aren't we just a cute little gang of cheaters? Poor little innocent Mia in the middle not minding being copied off of at all. All she knew was that's she better get her sneakers bar after this.

"What?" Zoe asked taking the first chance she had not to do schoolwork.

"I said guess"

"But I don't want to"

"You’re no fun" I said pouting.

"I'll guess Riley" Joe said jumping in the conversation.

"No way if you’re guessing we'll be here all day" Zoe said

"Hey!" Joe yelled at his twin while Zoe just rolled her grey eyes at him.

"Riley just tells us and it better be good with all this build up" Mia said finally joining in on the conversation.

"Well it’s no big deal but I just happen to have a date with Ryder this Friday" I said. Saying those words a date with Ryder, Ryder Prince makes this weird feeling erupt in my stomach and I know it wasn't from the bland bagel I ate this morning.

"You have a date with the hottest guy in school! AHHH Riley I'm so happy and excited for you! Oh my god!" Mia screams echoed down the halls as she latched into my arms jumping up and down.

"And I didn't even get to the best part yet" I said a little smirk playing on my lips. I felt like opera giving away prizes, making people freak out.

"What could be better than going on a date with god’s gift to the female population" Mia said still smiling. I tried to ignore her words about Ryder. It sounded exactly like something he would say.

"I just happened to get you a date with Ryder's best friend Jason. You know him right?" I said playing dumb. The look on Mia's face was priceless. It's like she seen a baby unicorn being born. It was a mixture of confused, nervousness and most of all happiness.

"Oh my god are you serious Riley" Zoe spoke because Mia was still in shock at the recent news.

"Serious as slice bread" I said at an attempt at being funny and failed miserably when no one laughed.

"Anyway I'm just nervous for the date so Ryder told me his friend Jason would be willing to double with us as long as Mia came" I said and finally Mia reacted. Her cheeks flushed red at the sound of his name and she let out a little giggle at hearing Jason wanted to go out with her.

"Oh my god thank you so much Riley. I'm so excited!" Mia squealed as she pulled me into a hug. Zoe and Joe joined in afterwards.

"Aw happy ending for everyone" Joe said lifting his head from our group hug.

"Hey where are my sneakers?"


"What's up twinks" Ryder said as he strolled in art class without a care in the world.

"What the hell is a twinks?" I asked with a confused look at my face.

"It's you. You’re a twinks. Twinks is you" Ryder said in a soft voice like he trying to convince me I'm a twinks.

"Still what the hell is a twinks?"

"It's short for twinky. You’re a frozen twinky in my eyes. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Also sweet as hell and can put a smile on anyone's face" Ryder said staring directly into my eyes. I tried to stop myself from blushing at his words. Trying to tell myself he's just saying these things to get in my pants but I just couldn't control my damn cheeks from turning red like a clown's nose. I knew he saw my cheeks even with my hair hiding them from the small smirk forming on his lips.

"Ok back on track" Ryder said clearing his throat

"You should have seen Jason's face when I told him about our double date on Friday" Ryder said smiling a real smile at the mention of his best friend's happiness.

"I think I can imagine it. It was probably the same look Mia had on her face." I said remembering how her eyes light up like a Christmas tree after hearing about her date.

"God we are awesome. A perfect matchmaking team. One couple at a time" Ryder said in excitement pulling up his hands for a high five.

"Yea!" I said agreeing with him for once rising my own hand to high five him.

Ryder grabbed my hand after our high five and pulled my body closer to his so I could get the most perfect view of his beautiful face.

"So Riley are you excited for our date?" Ryder asked in a husky voice his minty breath hitting my face.

"No" I managed to squeak out.

"We'll see about that" Ryder said pulling away from me.


A/N: things are heating up!!!

I really thought I wasn't going to update today. I wrote most of this chapter today.

I know I'm drawing out there date but it's gonna happen in the next chapter (I hope)

the song describe riley joe zoe and mia's friendship perfectly.





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