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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


6. "some guy that looked like he just walked out of Barbie's dream house"


Freshly cut grass, newly painted field, soap scented uniforms. That could only mean one thing. Football season has begun.

These past few week of school somehow felt different from my pass days at Brooke stone academy. I've been walking these halls for four years now and suddenly it felt like everything have changed. Everything just felt lighter. It's like I could breathe for the first time. I didn't feel like I had to put up a facade of which these people wanted and expected me to be I could just be me and no one else. Just plain old normal maybe even boring Ryder prince. I just couldn't figure out what was causing these changes.

I know for sure it wasn't that the people at Brooke stone changed because they were still there stuck up, ignorant, uninteresting selves. No it had to be something more recent in my life. Something that juts came in my life like a tornado and twisted everything around.

That was when I saw Riley Hart walking down the crowded hallway with a guy that looked somewhat familiar. They were walking so close that their shoulders were brushing against each other and riley was laughing at something he said. For the first time I noticed that when Riley laughed her nose would cutely crinkle up. God damn Ryder since do you use words like cutely. I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Somehow those that sits with me well. She shouldn't be laughing with some guy that looked like he just walked out of Barbie's dream house. She never laughs at anything I say and I have been right next to her for three weeks. I could only hope for a tiny barely noticeable smile from her once a blue moon. All I get from Riley was glares and dead threats. She walked right pass me like she didn't see me her orangey scent left behind as she passed. I watched Riley until her small figure disappears down the hall. pretty

I fell back against my locker with my hands over my eyes feeling a sudden headache coming on.


"So are you ready for our first football game tonight?" Ethan the team's running back asked while lacing up his shoes for practice. Of course I wasn't ready. I had all this pressure on me tonight the first game of the season. The first game back as a senior. But I couldn't tell him they I was the team captain I had to assure them that I would win at all cost.

"Of course I'm ready. We're going to kick some panther's ass tonight" I cheered loudly with the whole locker room joining in. I would make sure of it.

I had no doubt that we wouldn't win this game we have beaten the panthers many times before. it's just I wished I had someone in the stands cheering me on making me feel like I was actually doing this for a good reason not just playing football because it would make me more popular and because more people would like me. The only thing I wanted was a reason.

"Oh hey do you know some guy that looked like he just walked out of a ken doll box?" I asked Ethan knowing he won't ask questions since he upstairs didn't have all its parts. The guy sometimes reminds me of Patrick Star from SpongeBob. And before you think I'm asking because of riley I'm not. Yea right my subconscince said with a smirk on his face. I'm not.

"Why?" Ethan asked. Are you serious the one person that I thought wouldn't ask question had to go ask questions?

"Oh just wanted to get to know the rest of the school other than the kids that play sports" I said the first bullshit excuse that came to mind.

"Well you're going to have to keep trying because that Max Daniels and he's the new soccer captain"

"Soccer captain how come I never noticed him" I asked confused. I like to think I know everyone on every team.

"Well he just started last year I bet that's why. But the guy got skills on the field you should see him" Ethan said in an amazed tone.

"Yea well I got to go, bye" I said while running out the locker room. Riley has a boyfriend. And I didn't know him. I thought she was one of those girls that would wait till collage or till their thirty to get a boyfriend.

I just can't be alive riley has a boyfriend.


Everything was in place. Uniforms on, lights ready and bleachers full of roaring fans.

The team bursted through the knight's banner and raced on to the field. I never get why the cheerleader wasted all their time making the banner if we're just going to rip it in half anyway. But I'm not complaining.

The game was going too started in five minutes. Some of the guys went to the bleachers to greet their family or girlfriends cheering them on.

Force of habit I looked toward the crowd wanting to see my dad or mom in the crowd. There to cheer me on and show how proud of me they were. I wanted them to say to other people around them telling them that's my son. But no that never happen. My dad never made it to a single one of my games. New business deals were always more important than his own son.

As my eyes were swiping through the crowd my eyes landed on riley standing at the bottom of the bleachers with her arms around some blonde dude. She then pulled away and kissed his cheek while giggling. The guy turned around and I saw him to be Joe one of my teammates. What's he doing hugging riley she has a boyfriend? And what's her dong kissing some other guy when she has a boyfriend. Wow.

"Hey man I didn't know you knew riley hart?" I tried to causally ask Joe as he ran up towards the team.

"Yea man me and riley go way back" he said like he was talking about a friend not someone he was fucking.

What the hell is going on? Since when is riley the type of girl to have two guys. Well I don't know of riley was that type of girl. I've only known her for three weeks. Maybe she isn't as innocent as she seems. I just never thought of riley as a girl like Racheal. I thought she had more class. But maybe I judged her too quick. She wasn't my business anyway. We weren't even friends.

I was pulled out of my riley filled thoughts by the while blowing right next to my ears.


"Get your head out of your ass and get your head in the game prince" coach yelled once again in my ear. Ok now I'm officially deaf at seventeen.

Time to shove riley out of head and focus on the game I told myself. Without thinking I turned my head back to the crowd searching for Riley's hazel eyes. Our eyes met and she shot me a small innocent smile and all the negative thoughts I had about her disappeared.

I sent her wink with a smirk on my face and ran to catch up with my team knowing that we're going to win this game for sure.


When I walked into school that Monday morning I felt like a king. A king that had just slayed the dangerous dragon terrising everyone and reused the beautiful damsel in distress. The football game last night was the dragon everyone was scared of and the damsel although not as pretty was our spot in the next game being us one step closer a chance at champions.

As I walked down the halls people high fived and congrationing me on winning the game. The guys from the team seem to love the attention they were getting from the girls. And there was no shortage of girls throwing themselves at football players hoping to catch just a second of their attention.

Speaking of girls desperately throwing themselves at guys came in Rachel flinging her bony around my neck and pulling me in to a slobbery messy kiss with a loud smack when she pulled away. I secretly turned my head and wiped my lip gloss covered mouth on my jacket. Ugh I hate girls that wear lip gloss it's so sticky and it doesn't even taste good. If your gonna put something on your lips at least let it taste good. Is that too much to ask. Lip gloss is also so glossy it makes squidward tentacles head look dull. I don't want my girl lips blinding people.

"Ugh why do you wear that shit" I asked Rachel in disgusted. I told her a million times how much I hate it.

"What I just like looking good. And lip gloss makes me look good. I don't want to be one of those girls with chapped lips and look like there just begging for an extreme makeover" Rachel said like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well enough about lip gloss you won the game last night babe I'm so proud of you" she said in her squeaky voice. Although Rachel is a loud mouth superficial Barbie annoying bitch hearing her say she was proud of me made me feel so happy. So happy that someone was actually proud of me and knew how hard I work. And if that person had to be Rachel so be it.

I was so over joyed with her being proud of me I pulled her in for a kiss in the middle of the hallway. When I pulled away I saw riley passing me with a look of pure disgusted on her makeup free face. I was about to ask her why she looked like she just spelled something bad when I realized the position I was in. my arms were around rachel waist grazing her ass and her face was hidden in my neck.

"This is a place of learning not a whorehouse" riley said still looking at me with disgust in her hazel eyes.

"riley it isn't like that she just... just... checking to see if I have a fever" I said the first thing that came out of my mouth which was pure and outter shit while pushing Rachel away from me.

"I don't care it's not my bunisnes if she likes whoring herself out in the hallway. Just next time save it for the bedroom. Or in her case a supply closet" riley said walking away with her golden hair bounding behind her.

"Who the hell does that little bitch think she is that she can talk about me like that?" Rachel asked like everyone is supposed to worship the ground she walks on.

'That's the same little slut that said you winked at her at the football game last night can you believe? Like you would wink at her when was sitting right behind the little whore" Rachel asked like it would be the most shocking thing if winked at riley. And somehow that got me so mad.

"Riley isn't a slut or a bitch or a whore your more of a slut than her any day" I said shocking myself

"And I did wink at her last night because she is hotter than you any day and she has one thing you don't have"

"And what is that?" Rachel asked in a bitchy tone

"Self-respect" I said ending the conversation walking away. It was then I realized the crowd we have drawn with our argument.

"Don't you people lives" I barked at the crowd watching them scatter faster than

I don't feel like much a king anymore.


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