like magnets

Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


1. "More like cats being skinned alive"

Riley's POV

I was awaken by the voices of my family belting out happy birthday. 
And let me tell you it wasn't music to my ears,more like a cat being skinned alive. The Hart clan wasn't the most musically gifted bunch.But you gotta love them for trying.

"Happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear Riley,happy birthday to you" sang or should I say yelled my little brothers Jake and Jack.

"Oh my baby is finally eighteen"cried my mom as she run to hug and kiss me. "I remember when you were this little"she held up her hands to show me

"Of course you remembered mom you were there" I said sarcastically. My mom just gave me a dry look while my brothers tried to cover up their laughter by coughing.

"I'm so sorry your father couldn't be here he had to go in early something about an accident on 23rd" my mom said sympathetically. My dad was a cop so I was use to him having to run out on family occasions. I was also use to the worried feeling I would get every time he would get one of those calls. The feeling in the pit of my stomach when he walks out the door of our tiny two bedroom apartment. The thought of him never coming back I can't even think about it.

"It's ok I'll just go meet him at the station later so we can all go to dinner" I said in hopes of claiming my moms already jittering nerves.


The buzz from my phone caught my attention as my mom and brothers walked out my room. After another half an hour of my mom crying about how I will be leaving her soon and my brothers pouting and telling her you still got us she finally told me to get ready to go out for breakfast at my favorite cafe in the city which was a rare thing.

My phone buzzed once again bringing my eyes to my screen to see happy birthday texts from my friends.

The first one was from my best friend Zoe Steven. She was that laid back surfer chick that can't get enough of the sun on her skin and the sand between her toes. It's also helped that she had the blond locks and tan skin to go along with her laid back look. She alway shocks you with her words of wisdom. and that's one of the reasons I love her. I met her back in elementary school when we bonded over our hatred for the school lunch which she so wisely called yucky. From that day on we were connected at the hips. It also helped that her brother Joe was hot as hell.

Zoe: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY!!!!!!! Finally the big one eight;) Im digitally hugging u right now

The other text was from my other best friend Mia Angles. I know right, what a perfect last name. But it suit her,she was an angles. She was the nicest girl in our grade. You couldn't help but like her with her big green doe eyes and pale skin. She was sweeter than Nutella and that's saying something. Most of the time people take advantage of her nicest and quietness. That's what lead to our friendship that started in the beginning of freshman year. Me having the memory of my eighty year old grandma forgot that we had a test in my algebra class so Mia being the angle that she was let me copy off of her during the test. I know I know cheating is bad but you gotta do what you gotta do to pass ninth grade algebra. I told her I'll pay her back someway and somehow we bonded over her letting me cheat off of her and how hot Demon Salvatore was in the vampire dairies.

Enjoy your gift.
Attached to the text was a picture of a pony. That's what we alway do,send each other a picture of something we could never get on real life and a pony is one of those things mostly living in the New York City.

There were a few more greetings from my friends Joe and Max which mostly consisted of them telling me I'm finally legal. As much as that is worth when you can't even drink till your twenty-one. Like that ever stopped us.


I got out of bed and I didn't feel any different. When I looked in the mirror I didn't look any different. The same long wavy brown almost golden hair. the same big hazel eyes and pink lips. Nothing has changed. But deep down I could feel this little tingle within my veins. I'm finally eighteen!

I took a quick shower and tried to look decent today since well it is the day I was birth. Do people even say that? Whatever. I put on cute ripped jeans shorts and a white loose t-shirt along with a red fennel around my waist. I paired my outfit of the day with my babies,my favorite black combat boots. What don't judge you all know you dress extra cute on your birthday. At least I can amit it.


After having breakfasts with my mom and brothers at the starlight cafe we headed the the movie theater to continue with my birthday tradition of having breakfast at my favorite cafe and then watching the worst movie in theater at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Since it's the middle of the day the theater are deserted which means my brothers and I can throw popcorn at the screen as much as we want without being kicked out. Which happened on my sixteen birthday. Best birthday ever. I alway wanted to be kicked out of some where.


"That was the worst movie I've ever seen" laughed my brother Jake. " you don't know that, there are probably millions of other movie that are ten times wise around the world"said my brother Jack. "god Jack why you gotta be sooooo rude, don't you know I'm humannnnnn toooooo" "ugh shut up Jake". "Ok boys take the train and go home tell mom I'll meet you guys at the restaurant" I said

As I walked in the police station to meet my dad I said hi along the way to the many cops standing around the place. I practically grew up in this station. When my mom would have to work my dad would take me here after school. My dads assistant Judy told me to wait outside that he's in a meeting.

After walking around the station saying hi to a few more people I sat down facing the doors where I saw Ryder Prince the golden boy slash bad boy of my school being dragged in handcuffed while smugly saying " if your gonna touch me like that you better buy me dinner first".
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P.S if anyone wants to make me a cover that would be amazing:)

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