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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


15. "a fake Barbie like you that he can get at toys are us"

Riley's POV

"Their coming" jack said.

Just the tone of jack’s voice told me exactly who was coming. It was my aunt and uncle. But they weren't the ones I was dreading seeing. No it was there annoying, bratty, slutty, faker than China daughter Victoria. Also known as my cousin Victoria. Ugh I just hate her. No hating takes up too much energy, I just strongly dislike her. Just the sound of her name makes me want to punch something. Most likely her face.

But it wasn't me who hated her the most. No it was jack. Jack couldn't even stand the sound of her name. Just hearing that she is coming over he would go and lock himself in his room. With Jake and I following soon after. That's sibling bonding right there.

Whenever cousin Victoria would come over she would always have something to say. Either it was how I dressed, the way jack is always way too quiet or Jake’s hobby of playing the guitar. Jake and I would just brush it off not caring about what she is saying but jack would take it to heart. He was the soft hearted one out of the hart bunch.

"Mom why do they have to come over?" jack whined. Jack is usually not one to complain.

"Yea can't they stay at their own house?" Jake asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Your uncle Rick is your father's brother and if he wants to see his brother than he can" mom said sternly.

"But mom we don't have a problem with him. It’s his annoying trashy daughter we can't stand" jack said fiercely. Jake's and I mouth hang open at jack’s words. Even mom was caught off guard. Jack was always a soft spoken kid.

"Oh honey I know you don't like that girl but it's only for a little while" mom said gently kissing jack's forehead.

As Jack was about to say something else the doorbell ring signaling they were here.

"Let's do this people" mom said clapping her hands walking towards the door. She's such a boss sometimes.


"Oh Riley's I didn't know you went to brookstone academy" Victoria said looking down at the brookstone academy t-shirt I was wearing.

"Yea I've been going there for four years now, I'm pretty sure you knew that" I said just annoyed at her being in my house.

"Oh my god you probably know Ryder prince right!" Victoria said completely ignoring my comment and of course jumping to Ryder. Why is that kid everywhere in my life?

"How do you even know him?" I said complete confused.

"Come on Riley, everyone knows the Ryder Prince" she said Ryder Prince like he was some actual prince or something. She probably does know Ryder though knowing how much Ryder got around and how much of a slut she was.

"Yea I know him and he's a complete douchebag" I said.

"He is not!" Victoria said stomping her feet like a five year old.

"Yea he is" I said completely amused at her five year old tantrum act.

"Whatever. You probably don't even know him" she said.

"I know him and he's not all he's cracked up to be"

"Ryder is amazing. You don't know him. Ryder wouldn't even want to hang out with someone like you. I mean look at how you’re dressed" Victoria said looking down at my cloths in disgusted.

I looked down at my attire staring at what I was wearing. My feet were covered in bright pink fuzzy socks. The socks stood out against my black sweatpants and navy t shirt. My hair was in a messy ponytail and a hair band holding back my baby hair. My face was makeup free and covered by my glasses that I only wear at home.

"I'm at home I don't need to try hard every day like you" I said looking down at her. She was completely overdressed for a family gathering.

"Whatever. Just know that a little nothing like you will never get someone like Ryder Prince “she said flipping her bleach blonde hair over her shoulder. It wasn't even her natural hair color.

"At least I know he wouldn't want a fake Barbie like you that he can get at toys are us" I said about to walk away until she said something that got my blood boiling.

"No one would ever want someone like you Riley. Look at where you live. In a tiny little apartment in Brooklyn. And don't forget about you weirdo little brothers. One of them is a quiet little freak that never speaks and the other one is always playing that annoying guitar and just looks like a little skate rat" she said spitting out the nasty words like they were poison on her tongue.

"Listen here you little bitch!" I said spitting out the words “you can talk shit about me and where I live but you bring my family into this and it gets real. My brothers are better people than you will ever be. So if you’re going to say shit about the people I love get out of my house because don't forget it might be a tiny apartment in Brooklyn but it's still my house"

While walking towards the kitchen I walked into Jake and Jack. Jake high fives me after hearing the conversation between Victoria and I. Jack just gave a little smile showing that he too was happy over the argument. We all walked into our room that we share having too much family time for one day.


A/N: early updates cause it's SPRING BREAK BITCHES!!!!!!! Lol I alway wanted to say that.

No Ryder in this chapter but he's coming patience children. The annoying cousin stuff in this chapter is actually real. I just added a little spice to the actual events.

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