The Annoying Twins

It's basically about my twin brothers and the journeys they go on......


2. Today was the day

"Hurry come on time to go to your brothers" my dad said I asked" why do we have to have other kids I want to be the only one and now I have to deal with them " now sweet cheeks you're not the only one baby now it's now we have other kids can't be the only one spoiled anymore you have to get used to it you need brothers and don't tell me you don't because you do the brothers and let her how much he say he leave Brothers. Had I don't want to well it's up to late here they are they showed me their wonderful adorable faces they were both each cheeks and they had blonde hair blue eyes and freckles dominoes they were perfect but the only problem I had was I'm not the only one anymore I thought I have to teach you guys right from wrong my responsibility I have to commit I will be the best sister ever for years later Hay sis  come on get up get up! Hazel remember the promise he made of when we were younger come on we will play



I definitely regret making that problem they weren't terrible annoying snotty little boy and I hated them I wanted nothing to do with them twilight at home I had work this will definitely going to be a hard life



hey guys this is a chapter and I know there's going to be some mistakes in it I will fix them later so if you like this book give me some likes and are a few comments and I will keep them coming safe 

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