Through Their Eyes

Characters- September Martinez(She is 16&Related to Austin and is Jakes Girlfriend) Jake Harrison(He is 16&Related to Andrea and is Septembers Boyfriend) Austin Martinez(He is 17, Related to September and is Andreas Boyfriend) Andrea Harrison(She is 17, Related to Jake and is Austins Girlfriend) About the story- September Martinez is the most popular girl in school as long with her boyfriend Jake who is the most popular guy in school. They are the most popular and baddest kids in school until Septembers brother Austin gets transferred to their school also bringing Andrea, his girlfriend, with him. What happeneds next? About the title- The title is called "Through their eyes" because September and Jake has a deep dark secret. Which you will most likely find out through out the story, if not, then you will know at the end, or at the end of series. If I make series.


4. Running Away (part 1)

-Jakes P.O.V-

"I got beaten" she said. Right then I wanted to cry so bad. My princess, my queen, my everything, got beaten. Why?! I didn't know how to respond. I slowly tried to pick her up but she winced so I went to her dads closet and got a stretcher that normally a doctor would have, I carefully put her on it and strapped her up and pushed her out the door. We might get a lot of stares but it's for the best. She had drifted off to sleep as we were walking so i picked up my speed. I seen her dads car and I dashed off behind a church. I stood there until he was no where in sight and I began the walk to my house again. I pushed her inside and I went to pack my clothes and everything I needed. I will just buy her some. We are running away.



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