Through Their Eyes

Characters- September Martinez(She is 16&Related to Austin and is Jakes Girlfriend) Jake Harrison(He is 16&Related to Andrea and is Septembers Boyfriend) Austin Martinez(He is 17, Related to September and is Andreas Boyfriend) Andrea Harrison(She is 17, Related to Jake and is Austins Girlfriend) About the story- September Martinez is the most popular girl in school as long with her boyfriend Jake who is the most popular guy in school. They are the most popular and baddest kids in school until Septembers brother Austin gets transferred to their school also bringing Andrea, his girlfriend, with him. What happeneds next? About the title- The title is called "Through their eyes" because September and Jake has a deep dark secret. Which you will most likely find out through out the story, if not, then you will know at the end, or at the end of series. If I make series.


1. Introduction

-Austins p.o.v-

September, wake up! I yelled for the 5th time. She groaned and said 5 more minutes. September wake up! I yelled again. She lazily sat on her bed as I walked out her room yelling hurry up and get ready. I walked out the door and went to pick up my girlfriend Andrea. She was so gorgeous and she makes me so happy, I love her to death and I would die if I lose her, I got to her house and I texted her to tell her that i am here. She came out and and got in the car. "Hey babe" she said. Hey, I replied. "Are you ready?" She asked. I gave her a kiss and I nodded my head. I drove us to school and we walked in front if the school as I grabbed her hand and we walked in. Here we go..

-Septembers P.O.V-

I woke up lazily and checked my phone like I do any other day. I got 100 messages and 30 snapchats, I checked the most important one which was my boyfriends, I opened the text and read it, at the end I smiled, he's picking me up, I have to hurry up and get ready. I got up and got in the shower. 20 minutes later I was out. I got dressed and applied a little makeup. I was wearing a blue Hollister sweatshirt, black leggings, and blue vans. I let my black curls down and I applied blue and black bobby pins to hold back my bangs. I texted Jake and told him I was ready, with my suprise he texted back saying he was already here. I quickly brushed my teeth and grabbed my bag and my phone and house keys. I walked out the door, locking it behind me. I got in his car and buckled up. 

-Jakes p.o.v- 

Hey babe! I said excitedly when she got in my car. She looked gorgeous as always! "Hey baby boy" she replied happily. I smiled and kissed her softly. Ready? I asked. She replied with a nod. I drove us to school and we got out the car as we were walking to the building she held my hand. This is going to be an amazing day! After all we are the baddest and most popular kids in school! I looked at her and she looked back. We walked inside. Here we go. 


~hey guys! I hope you like the introduction! Let me know what you think! I love you all! ~ 



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