Through Their Eyes

Characters- September Martinez(She is 16&Related to Austin and is Jakes Girlfriend) Jake Harrison(He is 16&Related to Andrea and is Septembers Boyfriend) Austin Martinez(He is 17, Related to September and is Andreas Boyfriend) Andrea Harrison(She is 17, Related to Jake and is Austins Girlfriend) About the story- September Martinez is the most popular girl in school as long with her boyfriend Jake who is the most popular guy in school. They are the most popular and baddest kids in school until Septembers brother Austin gets transferred to their school also bringing Andrea, his girlfriend, with him. What happeneds next? About the title- The title is called "Through their eyes" because September and Jake has a deep dark secret. Which you will most likely find out through out the story, if not, then you will know at the end, or at the end of series. If I make series.


3. Beaten

. -Septembers P.O.V-

Jake and I walked to my house and went inside. My mom was at work so I didn't know who was home yet. I walked in the kitchen to find my dad at the table. Lucky me. I winked at Jake and he went upstairs. My dad looked at me and I could tell he was mad. "Come here" he said in a low voice. I slowly walked over there. "Hurry up and get over here God dammit!" He yelled. I walked fast to the table and sat on a chair opposite from him. I looked over at the stairs to see Jake sitting there then I looked back at my dad. Y-yes sir? I studdered. "Your principal called me" he said. I looked down at my hands. "So you like beating up people Septemeber!?" He yelled. I shook my head no, because I was afraid to say yes. I do like it but I dont wanna admit it, but it was for a good cause anyway. "Then why did you do it?" He asked in a serious and a bit scary tone. I mumbled my answer and he looked at me. "What did you say?" He asked. I answered in a tone I didn't think would come. I said, I BEAT UP THE GIRL BECAUSE OF A GOOD DAMN CAUSE!!!. I was breathing heavy by then about to cry because of anger. My dad looked at Jake. "Go home" he said. Jake looked at him with a frown. "W-why?" Jake said. "I just need to talk to her....alone." My dad said in a somewhat creepy voice. I looked at Jake. It's fine babe, just go, I will be okay. I said to him. He nodded his head and walked over to me, I gave him a tight hug and a kiss and he left. I stared at the door with tears in my eyes because I knew something was going to happen. I turned around and my dad slapped me hard. I started crying as I fell to the ground and he got on top of me and started punching and kicking me. After 15 minutes of me kicking and yelling and crying he finally stopped hitting me. I lay on the floor in pain as he stormed out the house. I was bleeding on my arm and my legs. I moved my good arm to grab my phone and clicked the home button twice to contact SIRI, which made my body hurt like hell. Siri call Jake. I said. "calling jake" after a couple minutes he picked up. "Hello? Babe, hellooooo?" He said. Jake come back here please. I studdered. He hung up and I started to cry. Then 10 minutes later someone walked in the house.  It was Jake. "Omg babe what happened?!" He yelled almost crying. He kneeled next to me and took hold of thankfully my good hand. I cried and answered with I got beaten.


hey guys! This chapter is a bit sad but the next chapter will hopefully be better! Let me know what you think! Also Austin and Andrea won't be back until later in the story, it wasn't metioned but they went on a trip to Hawaii! Cool right!? Anyways, I hope you liked this story! What do you think of this chapter and maybe the story?

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