The Tomlinson Twins

Hahaha, you thought one Louis Tomlinson was enough? Well what if I told you he has a twin sister, Christa Tomlinson.Their nickname is the Double Trouble Tommo Twins.So, if there is two Louis Tomlinsons, does that mean double the pranks? and double the fun? Find out in this Mmovellas!!


8. Chapter 8~~~~ Louis' P.O.V

I woke up in what looks like to be a flat, great, I am back in College. And it looks like I have a gay roommate, oh this ought to be good."Wake up sweety!!!!"A girly voice called."Ugh, what time is it?"I asked in a tired voice."Its 9 am and its Saturday!!!!" She said."Wait who the Hell are you?"I asked."I am your Girlfriend silly"She giggled."Your not my girlfriend my GF is Eleanor Calder!"I said."Oh Luke, we all know you have a crush on Eleanor Calder, but you know she is dating Louis Tomlinson, and you will never meet her."She said, trying to crush my dream."But I am-"I got cut off."Dont say your Louis Tomlinson, we all know he is your role model, but your not him!"She said. Oi, if this girl knew the truth she would flip. I  wonder how Christa is doing, I wonder if the boys were worried, because it looks like I am not even in England anymore. I reached to get my phone, I put in my passcode and went through my pictures, there was no evidence that I was Louis Tomlinson, my instagram was deleted so were the pictures of me and Christa but one, the day in X-Factor. My GF came up to me and saw I was nearly in tears when I saw the picture of Christa."Ew now you like that Slut, she is fucking ugly, just like Danielle Peazer said."Callie said,I figured out her name because she changed my background to her name.(A little obsessive don't you think) "She is not a slut!! She is my little sister!!!!"I screamed at her."LUKE!!! STOP THINKING YOUR LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!"She screamed then slapped me."BITCH YOU DO NOT SLAP LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!"I yelled."YOU KNOW WHAT LOUIS"She said with air quotations,"UNTIL YOU GROW UP IM NOT GOING TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!!" She left the flat and slammed the door behind her.What a bitch, oh how I miss Christa! I hope she is safe somewhere, the boys must be worried sick. They're probably like "This is Us isn't that long!" or Nialls like "OH NO MY CHRISSY BEAR!!"Something like that. I wish I could be with my sister once again. But no, she is gone forever.I went outside to see where I was, I was in Miami. I guess this is where my kidnappers decided to take me. I went down to the beach and sat in the sand. I sighed, there was really nothing I could do, I have no money. Then I looked to my left and saw a tall figure."Long Day huh,"She said."Tell me about it."I said."Names Melissa, whats yours?"She asked."Names Luke, Nice to Meet you Mel Bell, is it alright if I call you that?"I asked."Yeah its cute, I like it."She said.Just then I got a number from what I recognized to be Christa, it read: HELP I AM IN ORLANDO WITH MRS.HEMMINGS HELP!!!!! Wow, she memorized my number."Hey um Mel Bell, do you think you could drive me to Orlando?"I asked."Sure what for?"She asked."I will tell you when we get to the car."I said...
A/N: Hey Mel Bell!! Hope your listening, um I added you to the story, I need two girls that Christa (Me) will meet in the story. Comment down below who you want to be. The Girl who is mean and tries to kill her/ make her life terrible, or the girl that helps her to try and find Louis and later dates Liam...Leave your name,age,what your like,what your style is like, and personality, oh and what you look like.. Bye!!!

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