The Tomlinson Twins

Hahaha, you thought one Louis Tomlinson was enough? Well what if I told you he has a twin sister, Christa Tomlinson.Their nickname is the Double Trouble Tommo Twins.So, if there is two Louis Tomlinsons, does that mean double the pranks? and double the fun? Find out in this Mmovellas!!


3. Chapter 3-------Forgetting then remembering it all.

Chrissy Maries P.O.V(4 years in the future)
I have a job in NYC now. I am a fashion designer. I work for Victoria Secrets, I design all there Bras and Underwear and all that junk. I heard of this band called One Direction. Has 5 Gay ass boys in it.Like almost every teenage girl that I run into in Victoria Secrets asks if we have 1D Bras. I am like no we dont. They get all sad then next thing you know, One Directions in the mall.My Security Guards, and there security Guards are protecting us.Since that is happening, I have to stand extremely close to them and it bothers me because the one they call I think, Harry?, hits on me and I am just like back away you perv. Its very weird I mean very. Anyway, my boss said I have to go meet these 5 weirdos, or as Niall says "Crazy Mofos". Yes, I had to research them a little bit. Anyways, I am going to there concert. I get a front row ticket plus a backstage pass.Also, I have to take a picture with them.....Okay well in like 5 hours i am going to there concert so wish me luck.
*5 hours later*
"Whats your seat number"The guy asked."Here"I said as I showed him the ticket."Right this way Ms.Tomlinson,"He said. I followed him to my seat, and I was sitting by there bodyguards and my bodyguards since girls and boys are my fans.The boys came out and one by one they each gave me a smile and waved at me.Eww... I hate them... 
*3 Hours passed*
FINALLY!!! Now its the after show party, and I have to meet these 5 idiots.I hope their is not as dumb as they look."Hello, I am Chrissy Marie, and who are you boys?"I asked."I am Louis, this is Nialler, Harrold, Zayn, and Liam."Louis said."Hey whats your last name Chrissy Marie?"Nialler asked."Oh I don't like using it very much anymore since I lost my brother when I was 19 over some dumb argument"I said."Well can you at least tell us it please"Harrold asked."Well thats quite a coincidence"Louis said."I lost my sister because of the same thing".Hm, there is not as bad as I thought."Well my last name is Tommo. There Happy"I said.I wasnt obviously going to tell them my last name like that. I got to get to know them first."Well, how long are you boys staying in NYC for, I would love to meet again"I said."Well, were going to be in NYC for 3-4 more days."Zayn said."Okay well, why don't we meet  at starbucks in two days, I will rent out the place so no one will bother us okay?"I said."Sure, heres my number"Louis said as he typed it in my phone."Here is mine"Liam said."Text me Immediately as you get back okay"."Alright Liam, I will."I said. I got in a quick picture, then I left.
I got home and immediately called Liam.
(L=Liam C=Me)
L:I know what your actual last name is, I know your little secret is.
C:Okay you got me my Last Names Tomlinson, but whats the secret?
L:Your Louis' twin sister.
L:Meet me at the hotel tomorrow. I will refresh your memory. Your lucky i have my own room because I don't think the boys would take it that well that your back, because they really missed you. And if you dont mind, I don't like calling you Chrissy Marie I rather call you Christa Marie if you dont mind.
C:Fine, I will meet you then bye.

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