Make it in America

Skylar Mae Roberts is on her first ever world tour. She soon realises that the tough life of being a famous singer isn't easy. Cause when she decide to bring the small garage band 5 Seconds Of Summer as an opening act, the media goes crazy. Rumors of her dating a certain member of the band roames through the social media. The thing is.....
We all know that: What gets to the fans isn't always the truth.!


3. Chapter 3: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Chapter 3: A Trip Down Memory Lane


I slowly lifted my hand to knock at the door to the Hood's household.

Drum beats and guitar strums came from the garage door but I went for the front door anyway.

I hadn't seen Calum in 5 years after all, and I guess it would be kind of awkward just to stumble in there when he probably would have forgotten all about my excistence, if not I was all over the media.

A couple of seconds past and I heard a familiar 'coming' just before the door opened.

" My god Skylar! It's been years! How are you feelin'?" Cal´s mom Joy greated embracing me into a warming hug.

" Hi Mrs. Hood. It has been a long time indeed." I replied looking around.

The memories came flooding back in my mind and a small smile formed on my face. Not much had changed in those 5 years and to be honest this felt more like home than my actual real one. When I started traveling and moved to follow my dreams in America, my parents decided to move into something smaller. But this place... This place hadn't changed a single bit.

" I actually saw you in the news this morning and can I just say that i'm proud of you," Joy told after a few seconds of silence.

" You did. Wow ehh thank you. It's still all so unreal to me," I chuckled before turning my head at some yelling coming from the garage.

" I'm so sorry about the yelling you know, it's not that easy having four boys in the house."

Another yell came from the garage and there was no doubt that it was Calum.

" Go and say hi. You know the way." Joy giggled pushing me lightly in the direction of the garage.

The door wasn't closed completely and I leaned forward a little to peek inside the small room that contained four guys, a drum kit, two guitars and a bass guitar.

" Calum c'mon you can't just take the last slice of pizza mate," A purple haired boy whined as Cal moved closer to my hiding spot.

" You already had like 5 slices or something this last one is mine" Cal yelled back lifting the box above his head teasingly.

I slowly opened the door and stepped in making everyone turn their attention to me.

" Calum Thomas Hood you better share that slice of pizza with me!" I laughed making him drop the box when he recognized me.

" Omg Skylar!" he yelled running over to hug me.

I had missed this feeling for so long, and finally having my best friend or ' ex best friend ' in my arms felt amazing.

" Is that....." We both turned our heads to the blond haired guy that just spoke up.

" This is my old friend Skylar Roberts " Cal announced with his arm resting loosely around my neck.

" Skylar Roberts as in the Skylar Roberts?!."

It was now the purple haired boy talking again and I slowly nodded my head smiling when my eyes caught his.

There was a minute of silence before the guy with the curly hair started talking.

" God Calum. Why didn't you tell us you were friends with Skylar Roberts?. She's like the most popular singer at the moment."

I smiled slightly looking down. I hadn't actually heard anyone talk about me other than the stuff from the media. So hearing peoples thoughts while standing only a few meters away felt weird.

" I can't see the problem though, It's not such a big deal. It's just Sky to be honest."


I couldn't remember when someone last had called me that . Only Cal used to call me that.

It was nice.

" Oh, so in a week you'll bring ' just ' Will Smith and tell us he's your uncle or something like that and expect us not to freak out. C'mon Cal it's SKYLAR FUCKING ROBERTS!" The purple haired boy exclaimed while standing up.

" STOP FUCKING SWEARING!" The curly boy yelled back at him. But he didn't seem to pay any attention at all cause he was making his way in my direction.

" I'm Michael" He said sticking out his hand for me to shake.

" I'm Sky," (as if he didn't know), I replied taking his hand shaking it gently.

" I was the first to touch her hand!" He yelled out, throwing his hands in the air turning to his band mates.

" I'm Ashton. " The curly haired boy said calmly while smiling showing of his deep dimples.

" Nice to meet you Ashton" I said smiling back before turning to the boy standing beside him.

" So I guess you must be Luke then?" I grinned shaking his hand too while a confused look spread across his face.

" How do you know?"

" I have been watching your videos on Youtube" I said calmly looking around at them to see their reaction.

" No way!" Cal spoke up hugging me again.

He was acting like a little child christmas morning while the others were standing there with their jaws dropped.

" What do you think?," he continued.

" You are absolutely incredible!. And that's why i'm here......"



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