Another Cinderella Story

Hailee was just another normal girl.... Sorta. She got bullied because she wasn't popular or pretty.
It all changed that night of the masquerade prom for the community. Where she had her love triangle. Who will she pick? Nash Grier or Taylor Caniff?

Some how, she will see the light at the end of the tunnel..... Will this just be Another Cinderella Story or something else?


5. 4~Mall part 2

We were heading down to the mall and all Kelly could talk about was how Logan was going to ask her to the prom. Logan is her crush and they've dated a few times.... More like 100. "Can you please just get a date?" "Kelly, I swear to god I won't go and besides, nobody would ask me out."

"Hailee don't say that. I'm sure somebody would. What about Joshua? He is your crush." I just stared at her. "Yeah right. He is being fighted over by two of the most popular girls in school. The little devils, Kylie and Emily. Ugh!" I said in pure disgust. "Fine, but it's not my fault if you're lonely the night of the dance."

When we got to the mall we went in debs because they have awesome dresses.

I picked out a dress that was a very light baby blue(like Nash Grier's eyes) dress that was long, puffy and had diamonds on the top piece and all around the bottom. The middle was just plain and it was a strapless dress. With that I got white short heels that thank god were like flats. I can't dance in heels and I got blue buds for my earrings and a skinny silver necklace that didn't have anything on it.

Kelly got a tight dress that went up above her knees. It was orange with a pink strap around the waist. She got very big pink heels that had diamonds on the heels. With that she got pink loops that were huge, a diamond necklace that was orange and pink.

After we paid for our dresses that were like $550, we got orange Julius. And guess who we saw there. Logan and Josh. They are best friends. Then they walked over to us.

"Hey baby." Logan said to Kelly while I almost vomited. "Umm... Hey Hailee." Josh spoke to me in a quiet voice. Btw he has red hair, freckles, and is very funny. "Hi josh....." This was to most awkward thing ever. "I see you just went shopping. Are you going to the dance?"

"Um.. Yeah. Kelly wants me to get a date but I don't really want one." "Well even if you did- nobody would ask you out anyway." I could feel my heart shattering and my eyes getting watery.

I ran to the bathroom and cried. A few minutes later Kelly came in.

(Hey guys!! I'm just saying sorry for the long wait and sorry it's bad and short! Next chapter is a plot twist! Just giving you a heads up!!)

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