Cali Blasen and The son of Hades

Cali Blasen is a demigod.A true daughter of Athena.What will happen when she meets a son of Hades?Love or despair?


2. The Meeting

                                                             Cali's P.O.V.


As i was walking down the trail towards the campfire when I saw a shadow lurking behind a tree.I lost my balance and fell face first into the hard and dusty gravel trail."Are you ok?" asked a cute pale boy while outstretching his hand to help me up. "Yah you just startled me that's all." "Oh,your bleeding.Here let me fix it." He walked me over to his cabin which was just a few feet away and pulled out a first aid kit."This might hurt a little so hold onto something." He said with those wild eyes sparkling.I gripped onto the nearest thing there was.When he got finished I got up and walked over to the mirror to check it out."Wow.You must be a son of Apollo." I said awing at how he fixed my gash."No,actually i'm the son of Hades..My name is Nico di Angelo."He said with a dry voice. "But i'm not like my father at all.Were different in alot of ways" I felt sorry for him so I asked him something that I wouldn't normally ask anyone."Wold you like to walk to the campfire with me?" I asked him,my voice full of thoughtfulness."Sure.Your pretty you must be a daughter of Aphrodite." "Wow you must really like me.But no i'm a daughter of Athena.My name is Cali Basen." "Well it's nice to meet you."He put his hand out for me to shake so I shook it."Wow your cute and funny" I said looking at him. "Well now look who really likes me."We sat there for a couple more minutes talking about our lives when he leaned in and kissed me on the lips so i kissed him back.When we were done we pulled apart."Does this mean were dating?" He asked me. "Well I guess it does." I replied.We walked out of his cabin all the way down to the campfire holding hands.When we got down there everyone turned to look at us.They were staring at me like I was crazy."Well what are you looking at!" I yelled at them.Just then everyone turned around and snickered.

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