Key Of Darkness


3. Chapter 3


I awoke to Will fast asleep in the car in the corner. The room was a baby blue color, the beds just white. My back ached. I got up and walked to the door before I left. I saw Peter asleep in bed he look like a little kid when he was asleep.

I crept out the door to find a kitchen. I wandered down the hall for awhile before I found it. I opened the fridge to look  for something to eat. I finally came across something I know I would like. Just like everything else it was white, there was a high table with the matching chairs in the middle. I heated up some noodles with a chicken flavor.

After it was done heating up I sat down to eat and smelled the chicken flow into the air. I stomach grumbled. I sat down to eat the flavor burst into my mouth.  Man, when was the last time I ate? I thought.

“Well, guess you found the kitchen.” I whipped around to found Will at the door frame.

“Not, that hard.” I said as he made his way to the fridge. He grabbed pot-tarts. She wanted to laugh, not sure why though. He sat down across from her and nibbled on the on the pot-tarts. I took another fantastic bite of her noodles.

“Well, you almost gave Peter a heart attack, also somethings wrong with your wings but the needle Peter gave you should get rid of it, but anyways when did you get up.”

“About maybe ten minutes ago, so how long was I asleep?”

“A day don’t worry you didn’t miss anything other than Peter going crazy.”

“So I did miss something.” he laughed. She smiled first time he laughed or smile with her knowing it. She turned back to her food and ate what was left then put it in the sink and sat back down with Will who was still eating his pot-tart.

“I have to tell you something.” she looked up at him, “Well, Peter was going crazy because you’re, how can I put this you can.” he stumble over his words before her let them pour out.

“Well you’re the key to darkness, and the key to the good. The good you could save us all, on the bad you could destroy us all, the council would use you as a weapon against the bad, and the bad would do that to but against the good. I’ll tell you more later.” I felt a twist in her stomach. It crushed her .

“What?” he look at me with apologetic eyes. I can’t believe this, I ached for my friend Kaden and my other friend, Layla. I looked away from Will and let a tear fall to the ground. I stood up and looked at Will, who was watching her. She walked out and walked to the bathroom she needed a long cold shower.

I was walking when Will ran up behind me.

“Karen, I’m sorry, Peter can tell you better, and it’s not that bad if you chose good but if the bad get you to join them well were all doomed including you they will use you until every last drop of you is gone.”

“Thanks that made me feel so much better.” he looked at me then turned away. Then stopped.

“I’ll have Peter give you new clothing.” he started to walk away but I ran up to him.

“Thank you, you helped me I would mostly be on the bad and dying as we speak if it wasn’t for you.” he looked at her for a moment then nodded and turned to tell Peter.

I found the bathroom and took a long shower and washed the dirt in my hair and the makeup on her off.

When I got out I found clothing with a white and red rose. I put the clothing on and brushed my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked younger without makeup. I liked that. I wore a black lace long sleeve shirt with a white tanktop underneath skinny black pants that snuggled just right in boots.

When I got back see saw Peter and Will talking. I thought she heard Will say he could go for a 5-hour energy. I giggled. They turned and looked at me. I held the roses in her hand. Will and Peter’s eyes drifted to the roses in my hand. Will’s eyes widened and Peter smiled.

“So which one of you gave me the roses?” I smiled at them. Peter looked at Will who look at him.

“I didn’t.” said Peter. It was Will. My heart raced. I turned her gaze to him and he look confused.

“Neither did I.” Will look at them.

“Stop playing around for real.” Peter looked at Will.

“Will, put your clothing in there.” said Peter.

“Yeah but I didn’t put any roses in there.” I lifted the roses to my nose and smelt them.

“Well, who ever did it is sweet.” I looked and saw they were both clueless about the roses. I dropped them.

Will spoke, “Karen what’s wrong?”

“Will, neither of you gave me the rose. Someone slipped in and put them there, and that wouldn’t bother you.” she frowned and felt suddenly tired.

I spoke again,  “I feel tired. I’m going to go rest.” I turned to leave but Peter caught me.

“Don’t. Stay up, something might be wrong with the roses.” I walked to stand beside Will. He took my hand and squeezed, and let go. I know I was blushing.

Peter picked them up and smelled them. He staggered back and threw them across the room.

“Pete, what’s wrong?” Will move toward Peter. Peter held up a dismissive hand. Will stayed where was in the middle of me and Peter.

“Peter, I have to go.” I walk to the door. Will stood frozen. I climbed up the ladder and opened the door and shut it behind me. I was walking before I saw Will running after me.

“What’s wrong?”I ask. Will caught up to me and looked at me.

“You can’t go by yourself.”

“Yeah, I can. I don’t need you breathing down my neck.” he looked hurt.

“Will, I didn’t mean it to be that mean I’m so sorry.”he looked at her and smiled. Why is he smiling I just hurt his feelings.

“Why are you smiling?” I had to ask, he looked at me.

“I don’t know, but ok bye see you later.” he turned back to the lab and she walked away with a grin. It started to snow. It flaked my hair. Wait where am I going?

I walked around the park. Somehow I ended up there. I moved the  snow to sit on the bench. I looked at the playground. Little kids ran around playing tag most likely. I get up and a boy walks by and stares at me. Why is he staring at me?

“Um, aren’t you cold?” he gestured to my clothing. I  looked down at my clothing. I’m wearing black skinny jeans, a  black long sleeve shirt with a white tanktop, and black zip up boots.

“Oh, yeah, I was just about to leave.”  he nodded and walked away.  I gave him a dirty look and ran to my apartment. I got there and saw her mother's car. Oh, no I’m dead she’s probably worried to death. I didn’t leave a note not even a text. I ran into my apartment, my mother was biting her nails and pacing. Her black feather like hair snug around her shoulders, she had on a white and black striped shirt and blue jeans. Her eyes had a glossy coat as she turn around.

“KAREN!” she ran and grabbed me, spinning me around. How can she do that? She must be strong. She sat me down and look at me all over. “Karen you scared me so much I tried to report you missing but they said It has to be more than 24 hours before you are considered missing. I got home at one last night, long day at work, and I didn’t know how long you have been gone.”

“Mom I was with some friends. Layla invited me over to hang out.” there was a knock on the door. My mother  grabbed it and opened it. There stood Will. Bad timing Will. Great what am I supposed to say.

“Hi, um Karen can I talk to you?”  Mom  turned and looked at me. I  shot Will a look.

“Um, Karen who is this?  How does he know you?” I looked down and turned to look at the hall, how I would love to go to my room right now. I turn my gaze past my mother and landed on Will. He gave me apologetic  look. I narrow my eyes for him to speak.

“We met at the park and we hit it off, and now were going out,” Will spoke. My mother’s gaze moved to Will. I giggled then busted out laughing.


“What,” Will looked at me in concern

“You haven’t been to the park since you were 8, I know your lying to me Karen or shall I say,” her gaze moved to Will, “You.”

“Ok fine,” I went into a long story about everything that’s happened so far, I told her everything other than that I had the roses. I didn’t want her mom to worry. After I was finished I realized I failed with keeping at trying to keep her mom from worrying.

“Well, at least you and this bad boy Will aren’t together.”

“Oh did I leave that out? Sorry we’re together.”her mother turned and shot her the worst look ever. I started laughing again, “Ok fine you got me we aren’t going out, but what if we really were though.”

“I don’t know.” my mother looked away. Will cleared his throat.

“It won’t happen. Don’t worry.”Will looked at me after I said that. I got up and walk into the kitchen.

I make a glass of water. The room was dim, everything the same. After a minute Will came in.    

“Really, why would you say that?” I turn to face him and lean against the counter.

“Why would you care?” I say it to him that he stares at me before tearing his gaze away.

“Well, I don’t know, I guess I-” He stopped and looked at me. “Never mind we have to go I told your mom we had to go already.”

I put the drink down. “Well, let me change.” I walk to the door and Will grabs my arm and kisses me. I kiss him back gentle, he pulls me closer I pull away. And look at him, he looks at me.

“Well, I have wanted to do that for awhile.” I laugh and pull out of his reach and walk to my room. I close the door and smile my lips still had the sweet taste. I wears a black v-neck  with blue skinny jeans and my black zip up boots. I only put on lip gloss and walked out.

Will was leaning against the door when I walked out. I walked to the coat closet and grabbed my jacket. A white plain jacket and shrugged it on. I walked out with Will on. I turn and face as Will  bumps into me. He staggers back and looks at me.

“I have to know where we're going,” he looks surprised at the question.

“To Peter he found something.”

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