Key Of Darkness


2. Chapter 2


She walked behind him lost in thoughts. He wonder what she was thinking. She was beautiful she had black eye shadow that she wore the night at the party. Her golden brown hair fell over shoulders. Her mutant eyes were breath taking. He wonder what it would have been like he had meet her on his own terms.

“ Where are we going?” she looked up and look him in the eyes. She had shadows under her eyes.

“ To my brother.” she looked back down. After a minute or two she stood beside him.

“ Whats your name?” I turned to face her she was lost in thoughts but she still asked.

“ Will, yours?”

“Karen.” she looked up and meet his eyes. She looked back down her cheeks were a rose color. Then he felt his cheek catch on fire. He turned away a kept walking.

“ We’re here.”

“What was in the woods?”

He laughs, she gives him a look that shut him up. “In here.” he lifts a latch and it leads down to the lab. They climb down before they get close to the bottom Karen jumps to the ground. Her hair falling above her. She hits the ground with grace and looks around.

I climb the rest of the way down. She was standing by the door with her hands in her jean pockets. She lifts her head and looks at him. A flash of curiosity in her eyes.

I open the door and there’s my brother Peter. He looked up and looks at me then his gaze shifts to her. She walks over to him with grace in her step. I walk to my brother and Karen.

“ Is this her. You didn’t say she was so beautiful.” she was blushing. I clear my throat. They stop looking at each other and look at me.

“Yeah, this is her.” he moves and stands in front of her. She was tense.

“ Do you have any tattoos?” he caught her off guard.

“ Yeah, on my back,” she looks down. “ I got it one day when I woke up. I thought maybe my friends pulled a prank but it wouldn’t come off.”

“ Let me see.” her eyes widened. She reached the rim of her sweater and took it off now she had a black tanktop on she lifted it so Peter could see the tattoo. It was angel wings. She was far from the normal side. She was on the good. Peter ran his fingers over it. “Far worst than I thought.” he took his hand off her back. She pulled her tanktop down to cover herself. She made no move to put the sweater on.

“What is it?” she look horrified. And her eyes darted from me to Peter. Peter opened his mouth to speak but he didn’t.

I spoke “You’re not normal in fact far from it you’re one of the good. Your an angel like us well actually like me, Peter doesn’t have them yet.” He said it and let his wings speared for them to see. They are marked as tattoos when they went away, on your back. Something was different about her though.

She gasped and he turned to make sure their was nothing wrong with them.  He put them away.

“Well, I don’t know how you got your wings because you have to show your worthy enough to have them.” Karen opened her mouth to speak but nothing came, like she was lost for words.

Karen spoke now, “What makes you think that I didn’t do nothing for them.” I looked at her and she had a stern face. Even a smirk.

“I didn’t mean it that way, I meant what did you-”

Peter cleared his throat, then spoke, “Something’s wrong with her wings Will, the thing is you didn’t earn them you naturally got them.”

I look at Karen who had a glossy coat on her eyes now. Why does it bother her it’s not like she’s know about what she is, she can get over it but me and Peter we wouldn’t, or did she? I thought to myself before I said something.

“I knew something was wrong when I saw it.” she turned to me in anger and looked up and narrowed her eyes. Then turned away before she said something.

“Do you always have to point out the flaws in someone.” she turned and looked at me waiting for the answer to her question. I didn’t have one so I turned my head and looked at Peter.

Peter spoke “It’s not a flaw its actually a very good thing. I need to see your wings.” she looked up at him.

“ I don’t know how to do that.”

Without realising I spoke “Relax your mind, imagine waves crashing on the beach nice smooth sand, the crystal clear water around your ankles.” she glanced at me once then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was beautiful when she wasn’t complaining or getting on my nervous.

From Karen’s back her wings shot out of her back she winched in pain. Her wings were so bright it hurt to look at and he wished he could touch them but she would probably kill him. They were so soft looking at the tips was a bright shade of blue. Thats not normal, Will thought to himself then said it to Peter.

Karen went flushed and started to whirl around before I noticed she was going to fall. She turned, her eyes still shut. She was pale and her clothing changed now she wore a white dress that had a red belt with jewels, her hair was in a messy like bun now in curls two hung beside both her cheeks her makeup was red at the corner of her eye and nose and fades off into a white with blue jewels.

She fell and landed in his arms she wore black high heels. She tore her eyes open and looked at me. She was breath taking. She whispered something he didn’t hear her though. Her arms slung over the sides of me.

“Will,” Karen whispered, “I don’t like this outfit, its not my type.” I couldn’t help it.

I laughed. She smiled, thats when I realised she had purple lips and not lipstick it was something wrong.

“PETER,” I screamed and she her head fell back. Peter ran over.

“Get her in my infirmary, NOW,” I picked her up and ran to the infirmary and set her down in one of the beds. Peter came in with needles and bottles of medication. He shoved past me, I stood frozen until Peter push me out and said something but I didn’t hear it.

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