My O2L Boys

Diamond & her best friends; aka the members of O2L, have been best friends for 4 years. But when the guys find out they are going on tour, they have to leave Diamond behind...what will happen to the best friends? Will their friendships last, or will they crash because of all the famous attention?Who will take Diamond's heart into their hands, and try to protect her from anyone who tries to take her heart away?


5. The Morning

Dia's POV:

I woke up with no one to be seen, not even Sam. I don't know what to do, because this isn't my house. Or where all the weirdos went, I've been looking, & I've seen no one. I see a note on the tv in the reads:

Good morning Beautiful😘,

I wanted to let you know that the social agent wanted to meet with all of the guys & I for a meeting. We'll be going out of breakfast home to pick you up around 10:15.


I have 45 minutes to get ready...might as well dress nicely. Time to get started with getting ready. I went upstairs to get ready for a shower, I laid out my clothes, shoes, & makeup bag on Sam's bed. Walked over to the radio & turned up the volume, stepped into the shower. After cleaning myself, & singing my heart out, I decided to step out of the shower, wrap the towel around my hair & another around my body. As I walk out of the bathroom, I hear the guys downstairs singing along with the radio. I just laughed to myself, & started getting ready. I decided to wear red high-waisted shorts, a white flowy crop top that says "Story Of My Life", along with my black & tan wedges. And to top off the outfit, I decided to add some red & silver earrings that Sam got me for the first day of school, last year. I decided to dry my hair, then curl it after. I had about 5 minutes left. I decided to apply a little natural makeup, grabbed my purse & my phone charger, then started walking down the stairs. But I stopped in my tracks when I heard...

"when are you going to tell her?"

"Whenever I'm ready."

"Dude, she needs to know as soon as possible."

"I know but....shhh, what was that?"

That's when I realized I dropped my phone out of my back pocket, & it hit the wall, then the floor. I rush downstairs & said "sorry about that, I dropped my phone." & all Sam did was laugh. I wanted to know what they were talking about...but I don't know if I'm supposed to know or not... I guess I'll find out later.

Kian: so Dia, did you enjoy last night?

Dia: I'm sorry? What exactly happened after I fell asleep?

Sam: nothing you want to know of...I didn't know until I woke up this morning either.

I just shrugged my shoulders & nodded.

Dia: alright, I'm ready to go when all of you are.

I walked past them all towards the door. I could tell they were all staring at me, weirdly for that matter. I quickly turned around & whipped my hair.

Dia: what? You guys are acting weirdly.

JC: the way your dressed...what got into you this morning?

Dia: confidence...& I bought this new outfit for the summer vacation. I have plenty more outfits like this at home. *smirk*

Sam: I'm not complaining *holding his hands up in defense*

Kian: you will be, when other guys try to steal your girl.

I walked towards Sam as I said...

Dia: no one could ever steal me away *smirk*

I stopped right in front of Sam & once I said "away", I wrapped my arms around Sam's neck & planted a big kiss on his lips. He was shocked, but he soon placed his hands on my waist.

JC: eww! Stop with the PDA!

I just smirked within the kiss. I pulled away & looked at JC.

Dia: jealous?

JC: not even

Dia: mhmm.

Kian: let's go you guys, & Dia...confidence looks good on you. *slight smile*

Sam: I agree with him love. I love the new confidence you have...but I still love the shy little girl I met on the playground. *smile*

I just quietly laughed & intertwined Sam's fingers with mine as we walked to the car. I got in the back seat with Sam & Kian. Sam was on the phone with management, while the rest of the boys talked about their tour thing. I gazed out the window & let my thoughts flow into my past....


I was sitting on a bench at my favorite park in town. It wasn't a very popular park, but I came here very, very often. The slide was tall & blue, the swings were yellow & red, & the rest of the playground was black & green. I just came to dance & sit on the bench, but for the last few days...a few kids keep picking on me, but I've never had the courage to tell them to go away & to leave me alone.

I was sitting on the bench one day, & the kids came up to me. The through me off the bench. I heard yelling...& footsteps running away. I opened my eyes & I saw a group of boys standing over me. I quickly got up & ran behind a tree.

JC: we just saved her...but she's running away from us? Why?!

Sam: look JC, I'll go talk to her.

A boy came towards me & sat down in front of me.

"The name's Sam...what's yours?"-Sam


"You have a name right? I mean you're way too pretty to not have a name."-Sam

"Umm, first off, thank you...I think you're the only guy who thinks that. Second of all, my name is Dia."-Dia

"Day? Like D-A-Y?"-Sam

"No no, uh Dia, like's short for Diamond."-Dia

"Well you sure are a Diamond...lets go meet the rest of the guys okay?"-Sam

I nod my head, get up from the tree, fixed my clothes & walked beside Sam towards the group of boys.

"Boys, this is Diamond...Dia for short. She is...wait? How old are you?"-Sam


"15...we are all older than you, except for Connor, the quiet one over there."-Sam

I nod my head & wave to Connor.

"Well how about you come hangout with us? Those kids won't be bothering you anymore."-Sam

"Are you sure?"-Dia

"Of course. We need a shy, beautiful girl to keep us weirdos in line"-Sam

I laughed & smiled...

"Oh look, she smiles."-JC

Connor hit the top of JC's head, causing him to whimpering sound. I smiled again, & agreed with Sam.

"I guess I'll come with you guys."-Dia

The boys cheered & started walking towards the skatepark. Sam stayed behind with me & walked next to me. He had his arm around my shoulders. I didn't notice, but when we got to the skatepark, his arm was wrapped around my waist. I didn't mind, but I guess the guys thought it was something because they started....


JC: Dia?? We've been saying your name for the past 5 minutes.

Dia: sorry I was just remembering something.

Kian: remembering what?

Dia: I-it's nothing. Just one of the best memories in my life, & whatever Sam said in the house reminded me of it.

Sam: guys we're here. Hey Diamond, I need to talk to you.

Dia: alright Samuel.

We all pile out of the car & the guys walk into the restaurant. Sam pulls me aside & looks kinda serious.

Sam: Diamond...are you okay with missing camp, if it means you get to come with us on tour?

I think for a minute....

Dia: like that'd be one of the weeks you guys are free?

Sam: no no, I talked to management. They said that if you don't have to leave the group very often, you'll be fine with coming with us. I told them about our usual vacations & the kids that used to pick on they said that I'd be a great idea if you come with us, so you don't fell alone this summer.

Dia: uhhh I think I'll be okay with it. I'd just need to talk to the girls from camp, before I leave...ya know so they know why I won't be there.

Sam: yes! My Diamond is coming with me! I mean, uh us. Haha

Dia: haha yes Samuel, so I'm coming with you guys. Leaving next week, correct?

Sam nods his head & points to the guys in the window. They were making faces at us. I start laughing & I kinda sorta lost my balance; I fell into Sam & caused everyone to laugh at me. My face turned bright red. Sam got up & held out his hand to help me up.

Dia: I'm sorry. I'm so clumsy. *embarrassed*

Sam: well since the first day we met...I told you I'd catch you when you fall. You've certainly caught me.

Dia: you're so cheesy Samuel...I love it. .*peck Sam's lips*

Sam just laughed & intertwined our fingers as we walked into the restaurant.

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