My O2L Boys

Diamond & her best friends; aka the members of O2L, have been best friends for 4 years. But when the guys find out they are going on tour, they have to leave Diamond behind...what will happen to the best friends? Will their friendships last, or will they crash because of all the famous attention?Who will take Diamond's heart into their hands, and try to protect her from anyone who tries to take her heart away?


4. Sleep Over

The car ride was quiet. Just the sound of the radio in the background of our thoughts. The guys took another give us "privacy".

When we got to the house, the guys were already there. We stepped through the door & all I see is a fort made of mattresses...of course. We smelled burning so we ran to the kitchen...and to our surprise, they were burning macaroni...who forgets to check on macaroni? Gosh, wait?! Where are the guys anyway?

Sam: where are they?

*silence*... We walk out of the kitchen, as silently as possible. We start to turn the corner & BOOM! Sam was hit with a pillow on the side of his face. The guys jump up from behind a hidden pillow fort, they looked accomplished. We all are just standing there, not a word has been spoken....but all of a sudden, Kain spoke up...

Kain: So, how was that...privacy? *smirking*

Before I could answer, Sam already had a pillow in his hand, and throwing it straight at Kain's face. I couldn't control myself, I just busted out laughing....oops. They looked at me weirdly, then Connor started smirking and looking at the other guys. They took all the pillows and threw them at me, I screamed like a little girl😂. We all started laughing hysterically; we finally calmed down about 5 minutes of hysterical behavior.

We all decided to settle down and sit on the mattresses laid out all over the floor. JC put "Pitch Perfect" in the Blue-Ray player; it was my turn to pick the movie. As the previews were going on...I got up to make some popcorn & ice cream sundaes for the guys & I. Trevor came into the kitchen; he & I haven't really talked much, so it was kinda an awkward silence. But to my surprise, he started talking to me...

Trevor: hey Dai

Dia: hey

Trevor: how've you been?

Dia: I've been good, how about you?

Trevor: pretty great actually. So I hear you're dating Sam, that's good news.

Dia: yeah. I'm really happy.

Trevor: Well, I can tell you...Sam is extremely happy about it, he would never shut up about you...I mean come on, you're great, but a little too much haha

Dia: haha I'm glad. Can you take this stuff to the guys...I'm going to get my pjs on.

Trevor: yeah, okay.

I walk out of the kitchen, grab my bag, and start walking up the stairs. I go to turn the corner, and.... Woah Dia, you just ran into someone. And that someone is...of course, Sam; oh my gosh😲, he's in a towel oops. As soon I notice that, I cover my face...then I feel someone take my hands off. Sam looks me in my eyes, I can tell that my face is beat-red, how embarrassing. He leans closer to kiss me, yet...JC comes out of the restroom & screams.

JC: WOAH! Sam, you gotta put on some underwear or pants before you kiss the girl, ESPECIALLY since it's Dia!

By this time, all the guys are upstairs looking & laughing at us, just great!*sarcasm*

Dia: come on guys, go least he has a towel! Haha

Sam: yeah, what she said! And, we didn't kiss yet, so it doesn't count!

JC: that doesn't even make sense.

*moments of silence*

JC: anyways, the movie is about to start. Hurry up with the love, before we start it without you!*running down the stairs hysterically laughing*

Sam & Dia: Shut Up JC!!

We look at each other in awkwardness, then we both start smiling, then laughing. I decided to just go to the restroom to change into my pjs, just so nothing else can go wrong before I get downstairs to watch the movie. But when I got out of the restroom, & start to head downstairs, I hear the guys teasing Sam. Oh great, here we go again, haha. I quietly head downstairs to hear exactly what they're saying....

The guys besides Sam: Sam & Dia sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, second comes marriage, third comes the...

Dia; WOAH! We are not that far into anything to have a baby! Haha just saying.

Sam: oh my gosh! Dia, thank goodness you are down here now...they were driving me crazy!

Dia: haha it's alright, now has the movie started yet?

Sam: nope we were waiting for you☺️

All the guys except Sam: Awwwww look! She's blushing! I bet she falls asleep half way through the movies(JC)! Haha yeah.

Dia: whatever guys, let's go*pointing to the living room*

Soon enough, half way through the movie, I fell asleep on Sam's shoulders...I knew when I closed my eyes that id never hear the end of this....& they'll have pictures to prove that it happened.

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