The Angel Boy||Lashton

Ashton is an angel of the Lord
Luke is Lucifer the devil
What happens when they fall in love?


1. The Angel

Ashtons POV

I yawned and opened my eyes. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. The sun lightened up my room. I stood up and ruffled my white wings. Yeah I have wings! I'm an angel, General of the Angels army. Suddenly there was a knock at my door. "Hey Ash you awake?" I heard my friend Niall from the other side of the door. "Yeah," I said. "Sweet, we've got things to do today," Niall said opening the door and coming inside. "What's the story today Nialler?" I ask. "We've demon threats to handle," he sighed. 

"Any word from Lucifer?" I ask. "Nah, nasty bitch is probably scared," Niall laughed. I laughed softly. "C'mon Ash, we have a battle to fight," Niall said going over to the door. I followed him and we walked to the armory. 


Luke's POV

I paced the throne room. Calum watched me as he leaned against the wall. "What's got you worried Luke?" He asked. "The angels that what," I huffed. Claim shook his head. "Those God loving bastards? Seriously," Calum scoffed. I rolled my eyes. Just then Michael walks into the room. "We're heading out Luke," Michael said. I nodded, "Good Luck." Michael smiled and gave me a thumbs up as he rushed out in full demon armor. His Devils blade in a sheath. 

I took a deep breath and sat in my throne. Hey you try being the king of Hell for a day! My screen showing me the battle turned on. I sat back to watch the fight unfold.

Hey guys! This is my first story and I'm really excited so please like and favorite my story and share it with friends. Stay awesome!


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