Kidnap And Kisses

"Love is found in the strangest places." Copyright's go to Beautiful Silence (A.K.A. Casondra Brugh)


5. Where Is It?!

I woke up to Luke slamming the door obnoxiously as he walked into my room. "Get up. Now." Still half asleep I obeyed his sudden command. I didn't get much sleep at all. "He grabbed my arm and threw me into the nearest wall as hard as he possibly could. As I fell to the floor I could feel the blood rushing down my face, but I couldn't find the source. "What did you do with it?!" "With what?" He grabbed my wrist and yanked me up onto my feet. "My knife! I had it before I left this room! Where is it?!" Oh God! Oh God, no!

In a quick panic, I kick him in the balls and rushed towards the bed for the knife. He grabbed my leg and pulled me down. "You little shit!" He wrapped his large hands around my neck and pressed down until I couldn't breathe. I gasped for air, but I couldn't capture any. Nearly at my breaking point, he released my neck, allowing oxygen to flow through my lungs again. Luke got up and grabbed the knife. What is he going to do to me?!

(Sorry these chapters are short I don't have much time to write.)

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