Kidnap And Kisses

"Love is found in the strangest places." Copyright's go to Beautiful Silence (A.K.A. Casondra Brugh)


9. The Friends From Hell

As we pulled up to a small café called "The Corner Café," Luke yet again warned me of the consequences of showing off. He hopped out and came to my side of the car and violently yanked me out. "Ow!" His grip was almost at an unbearable point. "Quiet!" He jabbed my ribs with his elbow roughly. "You're hurting me Luke!" This must have made him mad because he is now glaring at me. Great. I'm already in trouble.

A tan, brown and blonde haired boy came up next to us, breaking Luke's evil glare. "Hey Luke! You never told me how hot she was!" He began to chuckle in a way that sent chills through out my body. "Shut up Calum." Well I definitely don't like him already. Two more boys approached us as well. "Hey there babe!" If this curly haired pervert wasn't so cute and my life wasn't at stake, I'd insult him. "Back off Ashton." Well there's one left to figure out. I hope he's not so creepy. "Say hi Michael." The dyed-red head looked up at me with an uninterested expression. "Hi." Well, could he be any more of an ass? "Guys, this is Jo."

"Hi." I made sure to say this as cold as possible without even making eye contact with any of them. I seriously didn't even want to waste my time making these freaks happy. "Now, now. Be nice." I just glared at Calum to let him understand that that wasn't going to happen any time soon. "You try being happy after getting kidnapped by an a-......" My sentence was cut off when Luke slapped me. That was a bold move to make in public, but nobody even seemed to notice. "Do you really want to try me?" "N-No....." He grinned evilly. "Then shut up and be good."

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