Kidnap And Kisses

"Love is found in the strangest places." Copyright's go to Beautiful Silence (A.K.A. Casondra Brugh)


11. Intoxication

After Luke and I arrived at his house, he dragged me upstairs into a small bedroom. "This will be your room from now on." I looked up at him in complete shock. "M-My...what?" "Of course, you'll still not be allowed to leave it yet. But, you don't have to be chained up." I stared into his eyes and smiled. "Thank you, Luke." I saw a flash of something in his eyes, I'm not sure what though. "No problem. After all, you've been a very good girl." I blushed furiously and he grinned.

Luke's been strangely kind to me lately. Every time I look up at him, he's already staring. I keep getting butterflies in my stomach when he smiles and his laugh makes me feel so many strong, unknown emotions. What is wrong with me lately?! I'm not sure what he's doing to me, but whatever it is, it's definitely working. I was suddenly pulled from my thoughts when my door flew open, revealing a highly intoxicated Luke. "Hey, Jo. Come here." I slowly stood up and approached Luke, the strong smell of alcohol radiating the room. "Y-Yes?" He placed his hand on my back and slowly lowered it while he was checking me out. "Luke, s-stop it! You're drunk!" He slapped me and pushed me up against the wall and stared to trail kissed down my neck. I bit my lip and tried to show my pleasure. But he finally reached my sweet spot and I let out the long moan I was holding in. "Stop. Please."

Before I knew it, Luke was pushing me into the bed and he smashed his lips onto mine. Surprisingly, I kissed back. Why was I enjoying this?! "Get off of me!" Luke then crumpled to the floor as I kneed him in his "area." "Ow! You little bitch!" I ran out the door and tried to find a place to hide. I stared to run up the stairs when a pair of hands wrapped around my ankle and dragged me down. I fell all the way down the stairs and hit my head on the hard wood floor. "Ouch!" As I held my head in pain, Luke had began to kick me in my stomach while I cried out in pain. Luke bent down and pulled my chin up so I was now looking into his angry eyes. "You shouldn't have messed with me." He then walked off and left me here, crying out in pain.

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