Kidnap And Kisses

"Love is found in the strangest places." Copyright's go to Beautiful Silence (A.K.A. Casondra Brugh)


7. His Good Side

I must have fallen asleep very late last night because I woke up around 1 o'clock in the afternoon by the sound of the door creaking open. "Good morning sleepy head...Or should I say afternoon?" I blushed at him seeing me in bed. "What are you blushing at? Did I say something?" My face burned from embarrassment. " It's" He stared intently as I began to trail off. I felt like an idiot. "Never mind then. I got you some clothes. It'll be enough to get you through the week at least." Why is he being so nice to me? "Oh, thank you. You didn't have to do that." "I know."

I walked into the bathroom to get dressed when Luke said behind me, "I'm taking you outside today." I spun around surprised at what is just heard. "Really?!" He replied with a nod and said, "You're starting to look really pale. And I'm taking you to meet a few of my lads, so be good and I will let you out again." "O-ok!"

I ran into the bathroom excitedly and got dressed in a black and white mid-thigh dress and paired it with a pair of black flats. Luke was pretty good at picking out clothes. I brushed out the tangles in my hair with a brush Luke had left in the bathroom for me yesterday. I began searching through the items he had bought me and found some makeup as well. I wondered if he had done this to other girls too. Took them and held the captive and gave them new stuff. I should ask him sometime.

I jumped as I felt a hand rest on my shoulder, pulling me out of my deep thoughts. " looks good on you." I spun around blushing violently. "You think so?" He grinned at me. "You're blushing again." "I know, it's just...I haven't received a compliment from a guy in a long time..." "I'm surprised." I stood there in total shock at what is just heard. What did he just say?!

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