Kidnap And Kisses

"Love is found in the strangest places." Copyright's go to Beautiful Silence (A.K.A. Casondra Brugh)


10. An Unexpected Bodyguard

Luke dragged me into the small café and sat down next to me at a far corner booth. "Don't be sassy with them. They can, and will, hurt you." I honestly can't tell if that was supposed to be an order, or a warning. I found myself staring in his eyes for longer than I intended. "Oooh, look at these two love birds!" Luke quickly looked away and blushed. "Shut it Cal!" The three boys sat opposite of us. "Hey Luke, why don't you go get us something to drink?" "Why don't you get your lazy ass up and do it yourself, Cal?" Calum just sat there and stared coldly at Luke. "Fine. I'll be right back. Wait here." He then looked towards me and said, "Be good." And as he got up, so did Calum.

He acted like he was stretching until Luke walked up to the bar. Then he slid in next to me, pinning me against the wall. "Hey there, baby." He winked and leaned towards my face. "Get off of me you creep!!" I began thrashing in the air and kicking around like a two year old having a tantrum. He just grinned and got closer. In a quick, panicked shriek, I cried out to Luke. "Luke!! Help me!!"

Within seconds, Calum had been yanked off of me and on the floor. Luke was punching him, hard. "Luke! Stop!" I tried to grab Luke off of Calum, but it didn't work very well. So I grabbed Luke's face in my hands and stared in his eyes. "Please Luke.....just stop. He's not worth it." Luke wrapped his arms around me and hugged me for quite a while. "Umm.....Luke? We should probably go....." Luke pulled away and blushed. "Ok." I grabbed his hand and walked him to the car. He seemed to be just as confused as I was. The whole car ride back to his house was dead silent.

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