In a world where love is a concept of the mind, and the mind the ruler of your life, a perfect love story is almost always to good to be true.


2. ONE

1 January 2015


"Ugh, fuck." I groaned as I rolled off the sofa. I don't remember any of last night, but that's the best way to start a New Year as far as I'm concerned.

I turn around to notice a girl who was obviously sleeping tightly beside me last night. She is naked. So am I. 

I rummage around the mess to find my boxer shorts. I pull them up my legs and onto the lowest part of my waist before stretching my back and making my way into the kitchen.

The mess is horrifying. "Ugh." I groan again. I'll clean it tomorrow.

I managed to find one clean coffee mug and start to make myself a coffee.

After I finish brewing my coffee I take it back into the living room with me. Forgetting that there is a girl sleeping on my couch, I clear my throat loudly. 

She makes a little noise before lifting her head up and slowing taking in her surroundings. She sits up looking slightly dazed and confused. 

I clear my throat again and she turns her attention to me. Her facial expression eases a little. She must remember more than I do about last night.

"Morning." She says.

I don't say anything I just watch her as she gets up and pulls a sheet that somehow found it's way on the floor around her naked body.

"Morning to you too." She grumbles after I didn't respond.

"Sorry.. I just.."

I loose trail of my speech as she walks over to me. She's incredibly beautiful. Even with her makeup smudged all over her face and her eyes puffy. I wish I remembered her. At all.

"Look.. Henry, was it? Last night was fun and all but let's be real. It was a one night stand, for New Years sake.

It's actually-"

"I'll just let myself out." She announces, cutting me off again, before taking the fresh mug of coffee from me hands and heading towards the door. Still only wearing nothing but a sheet.

I forgot I had a brain as I watched her leave. Who is she.

"Wait.. My names Harry!" I remembered as the door slammed as she exited.


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