This is a book where I'll put poems that I like. I may also right a review about it. Who know I might even try to right my own poems...... maybe....


10. My version of Wear Sunscreen

In my English class, my teacher made us make our own version of Wear Sunscreen. "What advice would you give those younger than you?" So I decided "why not post it?" So here It is


If I could offer you only one piece of advice for the future don't listen to the bad things people say about you, would be it. Yes it'll hurt you but don't think about  them to much. You'll just be hurting yourself.


Enjoy you friends. Friends will come and go. Do not blame yourself if they leave. You have no control over them. Let go and enjoy the friends you have now.


Don't worry about your past. The past is the past. People make mistakes. Worrying about what you did in the past will only make you feel horrible. Trust me. Learn to forgive yourself and don't do them again.


Don't be dependent. Don't depend on others to make you happy. Find ways to make yourself happy. Do things that you like. Forget about your problems and enjoy life as you do.


Maybe you'll love maybe you won't


Maybe you'll have a perfect story life Maybe you won't


Enjoy your family


Get to know others. It's alright to be alone but not to feel alone. Make friends


Understand that you are not better than anyone else. No one is better than you. People have different opinions and ideas. Respect them.


But trust me on the don't listen to others part. This is YOUR life.


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