You have received a be message from: 0456 353 412

Hey babe how you going?

Danielle receives a message from a strange number and they start texting. They talk about all different things like who the favourite bands are like 5 seconds of summer, green day etc and what else they have in common. But this guy she is texting refuses to tell Danielle who he is and what he looks like. What happens when she founds out who he is. Will she freak out and not talk to him or be his boyfriend. Read to found out.



Oh my god, who is this. How did they get my number.

D- um who is this? And how did you get my number.

I waited about 5 minutes until I heard a ding and checked my phone.

M- your dirty little secret babe?

I am so confused, it's probably just some prank from a fucken idiot from school.

D- yeah...... No your probably just some idiot from school

They didn't respond after that. So I went back to listening to music and stalking 5sos on my fan page. Thinking about how today has been a fucking horrible day and who this person could be. I decided not to have anything to get for dinner cause I'm so fat. I went to have a shower and did my usually nightly routine cutting:(. I cleaned up, then got into my pj's and checked my phone.

Michael Clifford has started following you

I read on my screen. Omfh. Omfh. How is this even possible, how. I screamed, started crying and I swear I stopped breathing.

I went on to Twitter and dmed him.

Me-Hey OmFh MichaEl hOw dO yOu even KNow I ExIsT. ily xxxxxxxxxxx

Me- you followed me!!!!!!!!!

He responded a few seconds later.

Michael- hello Danielle I love you too

Me- Oh mY, FanGirLing so bad rn. How did u even find me. Why Did U aDd me. ily xxxxxx

Michael- who wouldn't want to follow and talk to such a beautiful girl like you. Would love to talk long but going to bed. I love you xxxx

Me- OMFH love you Michael xxxxxx have a wonderful sleep.

This has to have been the best night ever other then the person texting me but. I can't believe Michael followed me. I layed done and feel asleep thinking about Michael.

Hellooooooo here is an update. Please like comment and add as ur fav. Thank you all.


From dani

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