The Big Book Of Harry Potter

A big book of quotes, questions and thoughts, as well as little facts here and there. Maybe a couple of excerpts of fanfiction. All about Harry Potter!


16. The non-Harry Potter fans

There are definitely people who don't like Harry Potter. I respect that, as long as they at least tried to read the books. If they haven't read the books and are going around saying they hate Harry Potter, then they are just idiots. I met a couple of girls like this recently. I had drawn all the Quidditch balls in chalk on the ground and they came up to me and where like, "I don't like Harry Potter. I haven't read the books or seen the movies."


... You... I...


Okay look, you can't say you don't like something if you haven't tried it (unless it's food and it just looks disgusting. Not even food. You have to give it a chance.)

No, but seriously, I can't even comprehend how someone wouldn't know anything about that books or movies. Even if you haven't read or seen them, wouldn't society have just pushed the information onto you? One of the girls saw my shirt, and was like, "Why is it shaped like lightning?" Face-palm. I mean come on. The scar! You should at least know that! I literally can't comprehend it.

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