Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


23. 2.0

A/N ♕

Love the song 'See You Again', it's dedicated to Paul Walker and it brought tears to my eyes, if you haven't heard of it yet go do so.

Sorry I took forever to update but I was really busy this spring break!

[ I wrote this author's note like almost a week ago, I haven't posted this chapter because I've been really sick ]

And the reads on this story omf guys, I wouldn't continue to write this if y'all didn't like it, thank you so much!

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"Unlock the fucking car, Michael!" Sam screamed with a mixture of laughter.

Michael who was locked inside the car made a funny face at her and laughed.

"Looks like we can't have pizza tonight..." Sam trailed off grinning and acting like she was about to walk away.

Immediately, Michael unlocked the car and was out of it.

"Tricked you!" Sam said, sticking her tongue out while jumping into the car; locking it.

Michael made a pouty face and mumbled "But I want pizza!"

Sam giggled and leaned over to unlock the passenger seat's door and motioned for Michael to get in, him doing so.

On the way to the pizza place, Michael & Sam were having a deep conversation about random topics and was goofing around.

"You know I'm sorry Sam, when I first saw your expression when you noticed I wasn't Calum I felt like crawling into a hole and dying, I shouldn't have lied to you and I know that. I also know hacking Calum is the wrong thing to do but I think everyone deserves to know the truth and I'm sorry if you don't like my decision and my actions but I'm posting it up tonight, Sam." Michael said with guilt.

Sam giggled and bit and turned down the radio which confused Michael a bit.

"I know Michael, it's alright don't feel bad. Everyone makes mistakes and this happens to be one of yours. Even though I don't fully agree with your choices, it's okay because I do like your personality and that's what I- uh love about you Michael. I don't care if you're not Calum because you're even better. If you really think posting that thing on Calum's Twitter tonight will solve everything then I'll support it and help if you'd like." Sam responded with a smirk on her face.

Michael let out a sigh and agreed with a smirk as well "Help sounds good."


Luke ran into the hospital with worry of Malie and Malie only, running straight up to the lady behind the desk, even if his legs were killing him.

"Is- is- Malice Johnson still- in - uh surgery?" Luke panted out.

"Excuse me the lady said confused of what he was saying since he was out of breath.

Luke caught his breath and said as calmly as possible "I said, Is Malice Johnson still in surgery?"

The lady checked her computer, while Luke tapped his foot un-patiently.

"Actually sir, Malice checked out for home about 2 and a half hours ago." The lady said looking up at Luke.

"Oh shit." Luke mumbled, grabbing his keys from the lady's desk and turning in the opposite direction to leave.


Calum Hood @calumhood 5m

@maliejohnson Those 2 years I left you wasn't because I was afraid of losing you or whatever the reason was that I told you why I had left.

Calum Hood @calumhood 4m

@maliejohnson The real reason I left is because I just wanted to have sex with you and move on to another girl to do the same.

Calum Hood @calumhood 3m

@maliejohnson I didn't really love or care about you back then, I just used you.

Calum Hood @calumhood 2m

@maliejohnson You believed my lies. I had ignored you for 2 years but when I saw you had another guy I couldn't accept that.

Calum Hood @calumhood 1m

@maliejohnson How do you know that I'm still not lying to you now? That I just want you and Luke to break up so I can smile and leave again?

Calum Hood @calumhood 17s

@maliejohnson If I didn't love you back then, how could I now? People don't change.. Once a liar, always a liar.

Calum Hood @calumhood 3s

@maliejohnson I'm a player and I ruin people's lives, that's just who I am. Don't believe in trust, Malice.

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