Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


21. 1.9

Michael waited patiently at the Toy Store for Sam, wait who am I kidding? He was a nervous wreck and wasn't being patient at all.

Michael showed up 1 hour early, and just about every 5 minutes he would text Sam to see if she was still coming or on her way.

Of course Sam wouldn't answer, she didn't have time to she was getting ready and thought it was funny to make the boy wait with no reply. She was also very nervous and curious of why everything has been so funny lately.

Michael was nervous because 1. Sam is a very lovely girl and he just realized that lately after just talking to her for the fun of it & 2. She thinks he is a guy named Calum Hood. What if she hates him after this or really thinks he's ugly? She's been thinking she has been talking to "Calum" when really she hasn't, how will she react?

Why did Sam even choose the Toy Store in the first place? Well that's just the type of person Sam is, she's always cheerful and outgoing. She actually comes to the Toy Store a lot and has been since she was a kid so she couldn't have thought of a better place to meet up at. A coffee shop or a library would have been to boring or too mature like for her, and secretly Michael was glad the girl chose a Toy Store over anything else.


"Ashton?" Calum said annoyingly.

"What?" Ashton groaned annoyed at the boy who has been sitting right up on him since he got there.

"I still love her you know." Calum said seriously.

"That's.. Wait what?" Ashton said confused.

"I still love Malie." Calum said again.

"Why- I mean she has Luke and you know that Calum." Ashton said studying Calum's facial expression.

"Well do you see Luke here? She couldn't make it for Jesus sake and he isn't even here for her!" Calum said rising his voice a bit.

"Don't even start Calum! You left her out of nowhere when she had fell for her, you left her in depression for 2 whole fucking years!" Ashton said raising his voice even more than Calum was, he was angry now.

A couple of people started staring but the 2 didn't care, nobody knew there own personal business and they had the right to be angry about the subject.

"You wanna know why Ashton? Do you wanna know why I fucking left her, do you?" Calum gritted through his teeth, face red and hot.

"Yes I would Calum, please enlighten me on why you left her for no god damn reason." Ashton snarled back, standing up and Calum doing the same.

"I left her because I just wanted a good old fuck out of her, I lead her on, I pretended I truly liked her until she fucked me. I was her first and I knew that and for some reason girls are sensitive about there first time but back then I didn't fucking care about that, I was a complete asshole and I admit that. But after I finally fucked her I left her out of the blue, I didn't want nothing but that. She tired contacting me over and over and over again and o just blocked her because back then I didn't care about her. I left and found some other girls just to use them for them whole two years. Michael Clifford a guy I despise that used to go to school with her knew what I had done as well. I didn't ask him to keep it a secret but he made up fake rumors about the subject to protect Malie more from it and I didn't even ask him to. But now? I had came back because I finally after 2 years realized how actually fucked up I am and started to miss and care and LOVE Malie, I realized that. And I have never ever felt that way about a girl before. But when I came back she had found happiness, joy and that was Luke, but where is he now? When he is supposed to be here for her now even after I wasn't but look at me now, I am! That's all I have to say." Calum finished up.

Before Ashton could react which would've been by punching the guy straight in the face, they were interrupted by a doctor rushing over to them with a white coat on.

"She's loosing a lot of blood from the surgery! She won't make it unless blood is donated to her, do either of you two have the type blood A?!" The doctor exclaimed quickly.

"I do!" Calum quickly responded, not angry anymore but worried.

"Great" the doctor said grabbing Calum's arm and rushing him off to get some blood to donate to Malie, Calum was saving Malie's life just by a simple blood donating.

Ashton released his angry after the doctor had left with Calum. Even though Calum had did a horrible thing to Malie 2 years ago when he was a ignorant boy and almost cost her, her life. He is now making up for it and saving her life.


Luke was quickly looking through the passed out bodies all over the place for his phone, where could it be?

He couldn't remember anything of the previous night and all he remembers is coming over for band practice but what did it lead to?

He didn't know the time or anything and was very worried about Malie, she was the first thing that popped in his head when he woke up.

After about 30 minutes Luke found his phone next to a passed out girl who only had on a huge t-shirt, Luke was disgusted at the sight and was immediately hoping he didn't cheat on his wonderful girlfriend, she doesn't deserve that and he would never do that to her, or any girl of that matter.

Luke picked up his phone and tried turning it on to find it was dead, great.

He quickly put the phone in his stained skinny jeans and made his way out the door, noticing his car wasn't far from the dorm Evan stays in.

Luke jogged over to the car, and tried to open the door but it turned out being locked. Luke quickly checked his pockets noticing his keys weren't in there.

He ran his hands through his hair nervously and bit his lip.

After a minute of stressing he peeked in the window of his car to see the keys in the car.

Could the day get any worse?


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Kind of a long chapter and I could've made it longer but I wanted to put the rest of it into the next chapter.

I actually really love this chapter, what about you?

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