Luke's girlfriend


9. Liz and Jennifer:8

Jennifer pov

Liz once we get home I'm going to fucking rip Luke's balls off. Calm down she's probably as bright as day....... I hope Liz said as she pulled in the driveway. I swung the door open and saw the front door was open so I stormed upstairs. Then everything went quiet from the boys chit chattering to complete silence. So I opened the door and gave them all an angry glare when Calum leaned over to Luke and said crazy women just enough to hear him. So I stomped over to him and said crazy to kill you. And all eyes where on Calum then he ran out the room while I evil laughed. Then I turned to the rest of them and said who's next and they all bolted. So I went to Brooklyn's bed and said I'll protect you from those bitchs hun.

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