Everything you know about the Mad Hatter-wipe it from your mind. He is an assassin. A dangerous one. His friends-allies-from Underland are escaping. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except SNAP from the pressure.


3. Chapter Two-The Gun In The Hatter's Hand Which He Kills With.

        "Please, please, just let me go, I-I-I have a family! Please, oh God, oh dear God, help me, please..." The man continued to whine and sob and beg for his life as The Hatter trailed the gun across the young man's forehead, jaw, eye's and neck, careful to press firmly to assure him of The Hatter's dominance and control over him. The ropes were taut against his limbs; they dug into his puny bones like metal. The Mad Hatter and Ann had only let Johnny keep his trousers on-they decided that they hated his Insanity t-shirt too much for them to let him to keep it.

        "Now, we both know that you having a family isn't true. Isn't it, Johnny? Isn't it truuee?" Hatter whispered conspiratorially into the frightened twenty-year-olds ear, and continued, "Your parents disowned you at nine. You have no aunts or uncles or grandma's or granddad's. Your brother died when you where ten. You abused your sister at sixteen and she later died of your injuries. And then my dear little Ann over there made sure you had no partner, so ain't that sweet, Johnny? Answer me. ANSWER MEEE!" The Hatter shouted, making both Ann and Johnny flinch and jump in astonishment. Johnny cried out, and snot blocked his futile speech for his freedom. Ann was amazed at Johnny-he was a criminal, yet could be brought o his knees to someone like Hatter. It made her admiration for The Mad Hatter swell.

        "I-I-I-I want to go home-just let me go home-"

        "You don't have a home, you sorry little bastard." The Hatter had grown quiet and angry, the worst mood Hatter could be in, for anyone. Now Johnny's fate was decided-the gun would be shot and blood would be spilt once again. The snivelling and sniffing was really getting into The Hatter's brain. It fought and flipped on his nerve strings like a drugged up boxer.

        "It was lovely meeting you, Johnny, but I am afraid that the Otherside is calling your name now. Wouldn't want them to be angry now, would we?" Johnny's eyes widened, dulled and lost their mad little light as a bullet tore through his skull, killing him instantly. Blood dripped and trickled onto his pale chest while The Hatter blew the smoke away from the gun with a swift breath.

        "Ann, dear, call in Hare, the Underland jail guards and perhaps we can call it a day at last. This is tiring, isn't it, my pet? Looking after ourselves, day in, day out?" Ann smiled, and agreed.

        "I wouldn't trade it for anything, Hatter."






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