The New Girl

When the new shy girl Alexis moves back to Sydney from L.A. to see her family again she meets a new guy that is in her brothers band Michael Clifford it may seem like a dream come true to you but to lexi not so much she is an average teenage girl who did some wrong things in the past will she find true love or will she still be the same in that supposably "AVERAGE" life....


6. Scar Revealing


   Michael's P.O.V

Today i wanted to take Lex to the beach to have some fun and tell her about our band as i was driving home from school i felt lonely because Lexi walked home with her friend Julia i think it was and let me tell you Julia is really pretty


I came home and didn't even bother to touch my homework. I ran to my room and as i was walking i found Calum in Lexi's room.... yes they were making out so i barged in asked if she wanted to go to the beach she looked up with a face as if she had seen a ghost.... she then sent Calum out and pulled me in the room she took off her flannel and i saw many scars on her wrists she then started explaining why and i don't wanna tell why. I went back downstairs to grab a snack then i heard a KNOCK KNOCK on the door so i went to answer it and i saw the beautiful Julia she was wearing a pair of black jeans with a big comfy grey sweater and all black vans...perfection , don't even get me started on  the makeup it wasn't too heavy or  too light.

Lex came downstairs and sent Julia up to lex's room..."well someone as a crush , you look like an idiot when you look at her" she said giggling 

"Go get your suit on and lets head to the beach" i said chuckling


 Lexi's P.O.V

I ran upstairs and picked out a  bathing suit and almost hesitated picking one out because of my scars but i built up the courage and picked out a strapless mint colored top that scrunches together in the middle with a black bottom that reveals my scars 

 I put on my black yoga shorts with a crop-top that says "Bling and Dream" i ran downstairs and looked for my camera only to notice everyone staring but i played it cool and told them the story. "I love you no matter what" Calum said as he crinckled his nose since he saw me blushing....I finally fell IN love 


A/N hey guys do you think i should just skip the date and then write if calum will ask the big question or not give me feedback on that. Hope you liked ILY <3




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