Shy Guy (A 5SOS love story)

Read to find out about my friends and me having an adventurous love story with our favorite 5SOS member!!


3. Me and Amber

Me and my best friend Amber have been friends since first grade. I've known her for a while and when I say a while I mean for a while. Now me and amber love 5 seconds of summer but she doesn't like them that much but if she gets to date Calum i bet she will love them so much. Anyways, the music she listens to is rap and all of that but i don't really love that. I mean i listen to a few songs but not all of them like she does.Lastly, some of our favorite things:

1 sleepovers

2 boys

3 gossip

4 girls night out

5 mac and cheese and bacon

6 movies

7 music

8 love our friends

9 have hot ass crushes

10 talk about HOTT/SEXYY Guys

11 candy

12 try to lose weight

Now, i know how so many people ask us y we wanna lose weight we r not gonna show our selves so we r just gonna leave it there. We love to sleepover over my house cause we have more room and more things to do and more space to do other things in. We love to talk about HOT Boys and we r not looking for little boys we r looking for a man that we wanna date not a little boy that doesn't know how to fight or have the guts to ask us out. Like this gossip shit is so fucking true. we talk about the rumors we hear and we talk about the other shitty things we hear to . For example someone was saying that I slept with 5 different guys in one night. When i found out about that i wanted to go up to their face and say i never even had a boyfriend and second i'm not a slut like you guys are. I mean like shut the fuck up and don't start rumors about someone that isn't true. Fucking dickheads that start that shit are not gonna be happy about the results that they get from that person that their talking about. We love Mac and Cheese and Pizza and we love movies. Now, this is very special to us MUSIC is our babe. Plus, we love all of our true friends, have hot ass crushes and we talk about hot sexy guys all the time. Plus, the candy part is true and we are trying to lose weight but it is very hard for us cause we just love to eat and its around valentines day so especially around that time when we are alone on that day.

Anyways Luke likes me and Calum just told me that he likes Amber so we might have our babes that are famous and not the ones that we have been crushing on for like 4 years with mine and 2 years with Amber's. Now lets go and get back to what is going to happen between us backstage at the concert. Shall we see what will happen next.

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