Shy Guy (A 5SOS love story)

Read to find out about my friends and me having an adventurous love story with our favorite 5SOS member!!


2. Day of the Concert

It was August 4th the day of the concert. We started to get ready at around 4:00. Then we got in they car and we went to pick up my uncle to go to the concert with us. We then went on the road and we went to met life at around 5:30 we got there. We bought shirts and then we went to our own box and we got prepared for the concert. When we got in there we were so happy cause there was food and there was drinks in the refidgearator for us to have. As we waited for it to turn 7:00 we just stayed there and we ate and drank and took pictures too. Then it began. We heard 5 seconds of summer come out and me and Amber held up the poster that we made. We held it outside of the box doe. Then when they came out we saw them look at us. After there first song they sang. They then talked to everybody. Plus what our poster had was them dressed up as ninja turtles and it had one of there famous catch phrases " Hey we're taking on the world!!" While they were talking everybody looked at the screens and they were showing me and amber and our poster. As we looked underneath our poster we saw that we were on the screens. Everybody was looking up at us and our poster. 5 seconds of summer then called us down to bring down our poster and we can sit on the stage while they sing there next song to us. They then started to sing Amnesia to us and we both started crying. I sat by Ashton cause Calum, Michael and Luke just kept on moving and playing. So Amber was with Calum and I with Ashton just for this song well half of it anyways. Cause during the middle of the song me and Amber had to go sit on chairs on the stage and they sang to us. Even though I almost passed out cause I have stage fright. I was actually perfectly fine cause I was with my favorite band and my best friend that is pretty much my sister. After they sang Amnesia they called my mom and uncle down so they can take pictures and just have fun and then they sang good girls to us and we sang with them and we danced to. We had so much during that part of the concert anyways. Since we were having fun my mom took so many pictures of us on stage with them. So that we had memories forever while we went to our first concert together. Well it was my third concert and Ambers first concert. 

          Now it was around 8:00 and One Direction was coming on at 8:30. Since we were on the stage with 5 seconds of summer we got to hang out with them backstage. We were hanging out with them for about 2 and 1/2 hours.It was so much fun. We all had fun and when I walked away Luke told Ashton and Calum and Michael and Amber that he likes me. Amber then text me and told me that Luke likes me. I was so happy cause what if he asks me out. I mean if he asks me out of course im gonna say yes. I would be so stupid to say no to him hes just so fucking hot and adorable. Well, anyways I called Amber and told her to come by me I was in their dressing room. She came by herself and I told her this.

"Amber if he asks me out do u think my mom is gonna let me go out with him if i say yes cause I really like him and i think she knows that and plus if she says no and i date him anyways she will find out cause of paparazzi. I mean Amber what am I gonna do if she says no . I wanna date him so bad. WHAT AM I GONNA DO??"

"Sirena calm down all you have to tell Mommy is that you really like him and u wanna go out with him cause u have loved him since 2010 when they out up their very first video for you. Since you tell her that i'm gonna go tell the guys whats happening and i mean just ash, cal and mikey. I cant tell Luke cause he's probably gonna get ready to ask you to be his girlfriend. Ok im gonna go and you go tell your mom what i just told u do to."

" ok thanks Amber you always know what to do. This is why i love you" I said as i kissed her cheek hugged her and i went to go tell my mom what she had said to do.

I got to my mom and i asked her in these words.

"Mom i know you probably r gonna say no to this. but i wanna go out with Luke Hemmings cause he likes me and i like him back. And you know i have liked him ever since 2010 with their very first video. So, mom can i please go out with him if he asks me out. I mean i know im not allowed to date but i really like him and when he pulled me on stage he told Michael and Calum to stay away but not Ash cause Ashton couldn't do anything cause hes the drummer. Mom pl..............."

I got cut off by my mom saying "Yes Sirena you can go out with him if it makes u happen then im happy but dot leave your family and friends out because family is more important and so is you Best Friend Amber too. So dont leave all of us out of this relationship but keep us into this so we are all together on this."

After my mom said that i hugged her and just kept on saying I love you mom so much and i will always and forever. I just wanted to see if she would say anything else. then when i walked up the stairs my uncle tony stopped me and when he stopped me he told me to make sure of everything that happens in our relationship that i tell him all of the gossip even though he will hear about me in the news about 5SOS anyways in the celebrity news and on E! With that i left and went back backstage and Amber was sitting there by herself waiting for me and then i told her my mom said yes and we fan girled and then we went back to where they were sitting and we were calm. Then in about 5 minutes Luke came out and came up to me on one knee and he pretty much proposed to me asking me to be his girlfriend. When he did that with the ring box in his hand and everything he was so happy. HE had a smile on his face and everything. When I looked at all of them and I looked back at Luke i said yes and he was so happy that he picked me up and he hugged me and he almost kissed me on my lips and when he was going to he kissed me on my cheek because we didn't even go on our first date yet.

I was so happy that i was dating my favorite singers well i mean I've liked them for about almost 6 years already. so i'm aloud to like them and fan girl over them still even though i'm gonna be with them most of the time after tour is over.






I hope you guys are enjoying it so far. I made it extra special for all of my 5 seconds of summer girls out there.

I love you guys and i hope you love them as much as u love reading my stories.

Goodbye guys 

I'll try to update more often as long as I'm not in L.A. or at a concert or anything.

I we ill update very soon. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!

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